3 Reasons Why Most People Fail At Blogging- Common Blogging Hurdles

Blogging Fails

There’s many reasons why the majority of aspiring bloggers fail to generate the type of results that they would like to.

In this post, I’d like to go over the 3 main reasons that I’ve personally seen prevent people from blogging success.

How To Be A Successful BloggerNo-one said building a successful blog was going to be easy, however it can be done with the right mindset, knowledge and hunger to keep pushing.

It will take hard work, time and a certain level of sacrifice if you’re looking to start a legitimate part-time or even full-time business through blogging.

As appealing as blogging sounds (and is), the unfortunate truth is that most people never make a single dime through their blog or create any kind of consistent traffic.

But why is this so common?

Let’s dive into a few reasons why most people fail at blogging.

3 Common Reasons Most Fail At Blogging

1.) Length of Time Spent- Let’s face it, most humans are lazy by nature and blogging is a long-term approach that takes time to build momentum. One of the biggest reasons I see people fail is because 1.) They expect almost immediate results and 2.) They only stick with blogging for maybe a few weeks to a month tops before “throwing in the towel”.

I cannot stress enough that blogging is a long-term business model and is not something that you’ll see results with in the first few weeks and even the first few months.  It took this very blog you are reading here over 2-3 months to generate its first visits from organic search and then another 3-4 months to make its first sale (which is pretty common if you’re creating a blog from scratch). The truth is 97% of people will already quit at this point.  How many people do you know would keep blogging after 6-7 months when they haven’t seen any results? Not many. However if you’re smart and are following good direction/training, you are not worried about short term gratification but more about what type of freedom a blog can bring you down the road…stay focused on the LONG-TERM!

2.) Not Creating Any Value- One of the most common reasons most beginner bloggers fail is because they are not creating any value for their audience.  An unfortunate but common mindset is “how can I blog and make money” or “how can I make money blogging”…when the successful mindset as a blogger is actually more like “how can I create massive value for my readers that no one else is doing” or “what can I teach that will help my visitors see results for themselves. Of course money is important when it comes to blogging, however if it’s your main goal, your blog will be sure to fail.

I’ve seen many examples of blogs where it is so blatantly obvious that they are just looking to make a sale and only post product reviews, affiliate links, intrusive pop-ups etc. The content of your blog is what gets people interested in the first place and also keeps them coming back.  If you are not creating any value for your readers, you will not see the type of results you would like.

3.) No Consistency- This overlaps a little bit with reason #1, however it’s still worth mentioning as most bloggers get this wrong.  If you ever want your blog to be successful you need to be posting fresh, unique content very consistently for the health and SEO of your website.  Now you should be posting at the very least one blog post per week. If you can do more, that’s excellent, however once a week is the absolute minimum.

You see many people start off strong and motivated and post consistently for the first few weeks, don’t see any results and then quit.  Remember it takes a little while for the search engines to index your content, determine your ranking position and therefore send you organic traffic. If you think you can just publish one blog post a month and watch the traffic roll in, you are heavily mistaken. You need to treat this like a real business and start to enjoy the writing process with new inspiration each and every post.  Plain and simple, most people do not have the discipline to sit down and write a 500-1,000 word article every week and will give up very quickly.  The people that do enjoy writing, coming up with different content ideas and publish their work on a consistent basis are the ones that thrive!

The 3 reasons stated above may be able to shed some light on why you’re not seeing results with your blog or at the very least will reveal some of the common barriers when it comes to blogging.

The good news here is that it’s easier to break these barriers than you realize. 

Having the proper mindset is what truly separates the winners from the losers.

You can create a successful blog, brand, business and empire if you want to.

Start doing what others aren’t willing to do.

In this example, spend the next few years (not weeks or months) building out your blog.

Create posts that have massive value and nuggets of helpful information.

And be consistent with your approach.

So let me ask, have you run into any of these obstacles with your blog yet?

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