Building A Blog Should Be A LONG-TERM Approach…

Starting A Blog

Too often when it comes to someone who is just starting their blog, they often ask…

“How long will it be until I start seeing results?”

And to be honest, that’s a very hard question to answer as there are so many variables when it comes to blogging.

What I CAN say with confidence is that everyone who starts a blog should have a long-term mindset.

Some of the most successful blogs have taken months and even years (yes years) to take off and generate consistent traffic.

Similar to investing in the stock market, blogging is a long-term investment and not an overnight success.

What’s The Problem With Most Beginner Bloggers?

This is a simple question to answer…

~> They GIVE UP too soon!

Some bloggers are 3 feet away from success and throw in the towel just a little bit too soon.

You need to stick with this business model for at the very least 1 year before making any conclusions.

Even that is far too premature to say something isn’t working.Build A Blog

Domain age and consistency with your blogging is crucially important when it comes to search rankings and organic traffic.

And to establish this, you need time to work on your blog and flesh it out with valuable content.

Think of it like a fine wine, it only gets better the more it ages.

Does sticking to a long-term approach scare you?

Are you afraid you will waste loads of time without any return on investment?

Well, maybe you’re not in this for the right reasons.

I’d advise you to read my post on creating value through your blog rather than looking to make money.

Stick To It and Stay Committed!

Now that you realize you need time and patience to build a successful blog, it’s time to stick to your plan for the long-term.

Come up with a schedule that works for you and make sure to post at least 1 blog article per week.

There’s no excuse that you cannot write a 300-500 (or more) word article every week.

If this is serious enough for you, you will find a way to do it.

Like anything in life, the rewards are worth the sacrifice if you do things correctly.

Blogging can be a really fun way to make an extra income or just get your ideas out for people to see.

So hopefully this has somehwat shifted your mindset, and especially if you’re just starting out….Think long-term.

I look forward to seeing your blog up and running for years and years to come!


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