How Can I Start A Blog and Make Money?

can you make money by blogging

So I got this question the other day and it really struck me for a specific reason.

Now the question was…

“How can I start a blog and make money?”

First off, if you haven’t read my post on How To Start a Blog For Beginners, I highly recommend you do.

Actually the question above, “how can I start a blog and make money” is a very valid one.

It’s similar to some of the other questions I receive on a weekly basis like…”can you make money by blogging” or “can you tell me how to create a money making blog”.

They are all the same really. How Can I Start A Blog and Make Money

However, the more I thought about this question, the more it struck me that most people have the wrong mindset when it comes to blogging and generating content for the world to see.

They are too damn focused on the making money part of the equation.

This is a sure fire way to fail honestly.

If your only goal with your blog is to make money from it, people will be able to see right through that.

Reputation is everything in this business…if you are just in it for the money, you are unfortunately not going to get anywhere.

Now let me tell you what the true secret is to setting up a successful blog.

How To Create A Successful Blog- The Right Way!

The only true way to create a successful blog with a loyal following, is to stop focusing on money and to start focusing on providing VALUE!

Yes as cliche as it sounds (because it is in the Internet Marketing business), your only chance of success is if you create massive value for your readers, subscribers and followers.

Once you create that trust and people look at you as an authority figure, that’s when the money can really start rolling in.

I hope this makes sense, as I want to completely shift your mindset.

Let’s move you away from “How Can I Start A Blog and Make Money?”…

And more towards “How Can I Start A Blog and Create Value!”

Now there’s many different ways you can do this from a blog.

  • You can create killer blog posts every day, week or month for your readers (hopefully every week at the very least).
  • You can upload YouTube videos sharing valuable tips, secrets and strategies and embed them in your blog posts.
  • You can create a free e-book jam packed with golden nuggets to give to your visitors in exchange for their email address.

I mean the list is literally endless, but I want to emphasize that the end goal here is to leave people more than satisfied.

Value, value and more value!

If you do this right, the results will follow.

Trust me on this!

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