Part-Time Entrepreneurship- Everyone Should Have A Side Hustle!

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I believe everyone should have a part-time entrepreneurship mindset if they are still working a day job and aspire to do more with their life at some point.

I also believe that everyone should have a part-time side hustle, project, business (whatever you wanna call it) no matter how busy their lives are.

You should ALWAYS be building something up on the side that will eventually create more freedom down the road for you.

If you’re reading this post right now, that most likely tells me that you’re either really into Internet Marketing or are looking for ideas on how to generate an extra stream of income…awesome!

Let’s dig into why starting something up on the side and being a part-time entrepreneur (to start) is a wonderful thing.

Part-Time Entrepreneurship- Why You Should Strive For It

First I wanna make myself clear…the end goal is always to be a full-time entrepreneur, however I realize that there are many people who read this blog that still work full-time jobs (including myself).

This is why I recommend having the goal of being a part-time entrepreneur to start…meaning hustle your butt off on weeknights, weekends and early mornings to make your dream happen.Part-Time Entrepreneurship

It’s a grind but the rewards can be priceless.

Another word of advice is to never just quit your job to focus on your side-hustle…trust me on this one.

Instead use your job as leverage.

But back to my points on part-time entrepreneurship and why you should strive for it.

1.) Creates Options

It gives you more options in life than just a paycheck…Unlike a day job, creating an income for yourself has no boundaries…You can simply make as little and as much as you want, it’s up to you.  This leads to more options and opportunity in your life.

2.) Extra Cash

Being a part-time entrepreneur (once you start seeing results) can generate some much needed extra cash.  This extra cash outside of your paycheck can truly be life-changing…Maybe it helps pay the rent, allows you to take an extra day off (or eventually quit your job), allows you to make some pleasure purchases or just gives you more flexibility in your budget…Extra money never hurts!

3.) Freedom

This kind of goes hand in hand with point #1, however it’s still worth mentioning as I think this is the main goal for many aspiring entrepreneurs.  When you no longer need to rely on a paycheck or 9-5 job because your side hustle is producing enough for you to live off of, this creates tremendous freedom…Freedom from time, punching in a clock and from much stress.

Another point I could have added to this list is that it allows you to work more towards a passion of yours instead of just doing something for a paycheck.

Hopefully, you are considering starting something up on the side or maybe you already have started something…kudos to you.

The idea here is to always be working on something, always be building and always be growing.

The possibilities are endless, especially with he power of the Internet.

The time is now to take advantage!

Have you started your side hustle yet?

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