How To Kick Self-Doubt In The Teeth! 3 Simple Tips

Getting Over Self-Doubt

Naturally as human beings we all have what is called self-doubt from time to time.

We hear the voice in our heads chime in telling us that can’t do something, or that we have no business trying, or that we’re better off to staying in our comfort zone.

The good news here is that this is all BULL SH*T!

Self-doubt is completely artificial and is actually something that can be shattered quite easily.

I also believe this is where reading the right books comes in handy.

If you’re not into reading, you need to force yourself to start.

It is truly life changing when you read the right material.

How To Break Free From Self-Doubt…

Self-doubt is something that can be truly paralyzing.

It can prevent you from ever trying new things, going after your goals and producing serious results.

Here are a few quick tips to break this illusion…

1.) Realize (like in the sentence above) that self-doubt is simply just an illusion.

2.) Do things intentionally that are directly correlated to your self-doubt.  For example, maybe you have a self-defeating thought that says “I can’t create a blog, I barely have enough time to work my full-time job and take care of my family“…

Your response would be to create your blog that same exact day, sign up for a domain name and hosting and spring free from the grips that self-doubt holds over you.

Actually this reminds me, if any of you are in this situation where you’re interested in starting a blog but work full time, you may want to check this out.

3.) Turn self-doubt into POWER! Look at self-doubt as a necessary emotion to get you to your end goal even faster.  Without contrast in life, there would be no success stories.  We need this negative energy from time to time to catapult us to the next level of commitment. Every time self-doubt comes up in the future, look at it as a sign to get things going.

Now I want to recommend a book, which has really helped me completely shift my mindset from loser to winner.Self-Doubt

It’s given me the mental toughness that the elite athletes, entrepreneurs and business professionals use to completely stand out from the crowd.

It’s truly a life-changing read and will kick you into another mode you never thought possible.

The book I’m talking about (which I’ve mentioned before on my blog) is called “Relentless” by Tim S. Grover.

Tim Grover has trained some of the most successful NBA players including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wayde and many others.

He explains what it takes to reach the highest level of success in any part of your life.

Truly worth the read if you’re interested and may be just what you need to kick self-doubt to the curb.

What are some inspiring books you have read regarding mindset, personal development or any other similar topic?


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