How To Do Simple Search Engine Optimization For Websites?

How To Do Search Engine Optimization For Websites

One of the best skills you can learn as an online marketer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Whether you want to:

  • Implement SEO for your own website or blog
  • Help small local businesses gain more search engine presence
  • Assist larger companies with your SEO knowledge & expertise

This is all extremely possible once you learn the basics of SEO.

The best part about mastering this skill is that the vast majority of people have NO idea what they’re doing when it comes to optimizing a website to its fullest potential.

You are looked at as some sort of genius when you tell clients, friends, local businesses that you can help rank their website in Google for various keywords.Simple Search Engine Optimization

Can you say CHA-CHING!

With that being said, in this short post I am going to highlight a few simple search engine optimization techniques you should focus on that will put you ahead of 99% of the competition.

Simple Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Let’s use an example of a local pizza restaurant in Miami Florida for the purpose of this blog post (Joey’s Pizza).

1.) Keyword Research

First and foremost you will need to conduct some keyword research based around the local target, competition, etc.  You can use Google Keyword Planner or other tools to generate your keyword research list.  Try to flesh out a list where you have sufficient amount of options to rank for in Google. For example, some keywords that might come up would be:

  • Restaurants in Miami Florida
  • Pizza Miami Florida
  • Best Pizza in Miami Florida
  • Miami Florida Pizza Places
2.) SEO Tag Optimization

Now that you have your keyword research list, you can begin to actually implement an SEO plan for your client, website etc.  Here are the most important tags to focus on:

Title Tags- The Title Tag holds the most weight from an SEO standpoint and should be written as close to 70 characters as possible (without going over).  Focus on adding in your most relevant keywords here as this is the blue clickable text that is seen in the search results when someone performs a search query.  Here is an example of a strong and optimized Title Tag: Best Pizza In Miami Florida | Miami Florida Restaurants | Joey’s Pizza

Meta Descriptions: The Meta Description is the snippet of text that is underneath the Title Tag when shown in the search engines.  It should be compelling/unique and describe the page to the visitor to encourage user click through (155-160 characters long).  You would want to optimize your Meta description like this for example: Joey’s pizza has been proudly serving the residents of Miami Florida for over 20 years strong.  Come in and try one of our delicious homemade pies today!

H1 Tags: The H1 Tag is the headline that is above the main text/copy/body of each page.  It holds significant authority as far as SEO goes and should be optimized with the most important target keywords, while still reading naturally to visitors. An example would be: Contact Joey’s Pizza In Miami Florida Today!

Image ALT Tag- Image ALT Tags are more important than people realize and offer great additional SEO benefits.  For every image on a website, you can add an ALT Tag, which is also shown when a user hovers over the picture.  A simple example would be a picture of a pizza that has the tag: Miami Florida Pizza Places

3.) Link Building

Assuming the website has enough content (make sure of this before going on to this step), you can then begin link building and citation work.

Citations are basically just mentions of a business name and address on other web pages like Google My Business, Bing Places etc.  They are a major component in the ranking algorithms of Google and Bing.

Guest Posting is the process of reaching out to other related websites in your niche and seeing if they are accepting guest posts which in return would generate a link back to you or your client’s website.  This is one of the MOST powerful ways to build quality back links, increase search rankings, and generate more traffic (read more about guest posting here).

4.) Content Creation

If you have a blog, you should be posting an article at least once every week.  This in combination with link building can really generate impressive results in terms of search engine rankings and organic traffic. Google loves a website with consistent, fresh and unique content and will actually favor it in the search results.

These are some dead simple search engine optimization techniques that you can implement that will separate you from much of the competition.  These are ethical and natural SEO methods to gain some serious traction in the search engines.

Do things the right way and the results will follow.

A cool tool you may want to test out is Linkio. It takes the guess work out of the link building process to help you score more backlinks.

I have more awesome search engine optimization tips, tricks and techniques on the way!

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