Waking Up To A $196 Commission – Connecting Your Marketing Efforts

Connecting Marketing

In this post I want to explain the importance of connecting all of your marketing efforts together (if possible and where appropriate).

For example, the other day I woke up to a $196 commission from my solo ad website here.

I sold a 200 click solo ad package (100% Tier 1 countries) for 0.98 cost per click which equates to $196.

Now the cool thing about this is that my blog was the platform that ultimately generated this sale.

It looked something like this:

  • A person searched Google for something related to “best solo ad vendors
  • They found my blog post here in Google’s search results (thanks to proper SEO)
  • They then navigated to my my solo ad website by visiting the link in my blog post
  • And then made a purchase for $196 for 200 clicks!

Although that may seem like a complicated process (especially to someone just starting out in Internet Marketing), it’s really not all that difficult.

This is the power of connecting your marketing efforts with other business models, website’s, income streams, social media profiles etc…whatever it may be.

The money made in this example literally came in my sleep thanks to the dynamism of blogging and some simple search engine optimization.

I connected SEO with ==> My Blog ==> with ==> My Solo Ad Business

Is this starting to make sense?

Connecting Your Marketing

Connect your marketing efforts!

When you rely on just one marketing platform, strategy or technique, you are leaving a large chunk of money on the table.

A big problem I see is that most internet marketers out there are just looking for the “quick sale”…and aren’t willing to put in the work or research to create something more sustainable.

Hence why 97% (maybe more) fail in this business…

Stop thinking of shortcuts or workarounds.

This one strategy I explained above took a few months before I even made a sale from it.

However, now that it’s implemented properly, it has the potential to bring me in a residual income for months or years to come.

So when I say connect your marketing efforts, I mean make it possible for people to jump from one platform of yours to the next, to the next…and so on (eventually until they convert).

An example of this could be:

A YouTube video, then goes to a blog post, which then leads to an affiliate link, which then leads to an affiliate commission.

But the combinations and possibilities here are endless.

It’s important to me that I give you real life examples of what I’m seeing success with, so I can help/inspire as many people as possible to do the same or something similar.

I know if I had this type of information when I first started out, it would of really made things more clear, saved me time and given me motivation to continue.

Remember, this blog as much as it’s a personal business, is a case study to demonstrate what works well and what doesn’t work so well.

And from experience, I know that connecting your marketing efforts can be very powerful.

So let me ask you…What’s your experience with this?

Have you witnessed the same for yourself?

Or are you still waiting to get started online?

Building An Online Business? Make Your Weekends Really Count

Starting An Online Business

I couldn’t tell you how many times I was looked at as “odd” or “lame” for choosing to stay in on weekends when most of my peers were going out to the bars, drinking, partying etc.

What they didn’t realize is that while they were out blowing money, eating crappy food and being hungover the next day, I was straight up hustling on all levels.

That’s right…I was reading, researching, learning, saving money, working on my online business and creating options in my life.

Now of course you have to have fun once in a while, but it’s important to realize if you’re building an online business and you work during the week, you must make your weekends count…big-time!

This means waking up at 5:30-6:00AM on a Saturday/Sunday morning to write a blog post, record a YouTube video, build a new website, or whatever it is that you’re working on.

Think this is crazy?Building An Online Business

Well I did this for years and years (and continue to do so)…Especially because early morning is the best time to get some serious work done.

In fact, a 10-14 hour work day on the weekends is very common for me (and I love it).

You can’t afford not to adopt this type of schedule if you’re building an online business.

I’ve come to the realization that not everyone has the hustle, motivation or entrepreneurial  drive in them to make this happen and that’s okay.

But those of you who do want something more out of life than your current situation, it’s time to turn your weekends into your slave.

When you find yourself grinding when everyone else is out having fun, you know you’re on the right track.

This may sound depressing to some of you, but if you want to build an online business and have an extra stream of income you have to work your butt off…simple as that.

My Challenge To You Is…

So my challenge to anyone reading this that feels that they’ve been wasting precious time on weekends that they could instead put into building their online business is to START NOW!


This Saturday and Sunday, set your alarm for 6:00AM at the very latest.

Do not make any plans and dedicate the entire day to working on your dream.

Create a to do list that you will complete for the day, with the biggest tasks first on the list.

Dedicate yourself to this lifestyle to the best of your ability over the next few months and eventually years.

Be intentional with the time you spend on your work, follow a proven plan and ride the wave.

You may be surprised by just how much you can accomplish…

What’s great about building an online business is that it can be done just on the weekends to start, until you gain more momentum and free up some more time for yourself.

As cliche as it sounds, it really comes down to how bad you want to succeed and more importantly the dreaded word for so many people…SACRIFICE.

What are you willing to sacrifice in order to build your business to the top?

For me this was simple to answer…

No more late nights/late mornings, no more partying, wasting money, eating bad food, relaxing or lounging etc…

It’s time to turn weekends into your greatest asset.

I’d love to hear what you think about this.

Are you currently utilizing your weekends in the most efficient way to build your online business?

What does your average weekend schedule look like right now?

Is their room for improvement?

Internet Marketing Business Running on Auto-Pilot While Away On Vacation!

Internet Marketing Business

Possibly the biggest benefit of running an Internet Marketing Business is the fact that if set up correctly, it can still make you money on almost 100% autopilot, without you having to do much of anything!

Now let me be clear that no business is 100% auto-pilot…

However, much of what I do online generates me passive income with very little input on my end.

For example, my solo ad business, which can pretty much be run from my smartphone, generates passive income daily with almost no effort.

Now it’s also important to note that a few of my online businesses that are very passive at this point took me a while to build to this level (the level where you can literally make money in your sleep).

In fact, it took years before I could really take a vacation and still see money rolling into my online accounts at an impressive rate.

This post is designed to get your motivation flowing and to show you what’s possible with the power of the right knowledge and the Internet.

If you want to start a side-hustle, a full-time internet business or maybe just want to generate some extra passive income, the Internet and laptop lifestyle is the way to go.

While I Was On A Mini-Vacation…

My girlfriend and I decided to go to Newport, Rhode Island for a weekend getaway, good food and nice weather.

In the past I would have brought my laptop and “worked” during these mini-vacations to keep everything running smoothly…however this year was different.

I felt no need to do any work on my end for 3 days straight to keep my businesses afloat.

In fact, I made more money that vacation weekend than I have in a long time in my businesses.

And even better, I didn’t even touch a laptop…I only had to answer a few emails from my smartphone and that was basically it.Internet Marketing Business

Another source of income for that weekend actually was 100% auto-pilot and had to do with making money with ClickBank.

So parts of my business truly are almost 100% auto-pilot which is extremely liberating and separates time from money.

Again, I want to be clear that in the beginning phases of my Internet Marketing business, it took me years of eye-straining work to start seeing momentum like this.

But this is really just to show you the true potential of what is possible.

As you can see in the picture above we stopped at a beautiful winery in Connecticut on our way back from Rhode Island.

As my girlfriend and I were just lounging around for a few hours, I checked my phone towards the end of the day and saw a handful of solo ad orders, ClickBank commissions and more subscribers added to my list.

All while drinking some delicious wine and kicking back 🙂

There is no better feeling than seeing your hard work pay off and especially when you’re not even doing anything at that particular moment to bring in the money.

Another point I want to make clear is that, when I’m not on vacation, I am an absolute work horse.

I work a full-time job doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), run various online businesses, all while trying to maintain a social life as well (although I could be better at this).

However, hard work pays off…plain and simple.

This post isn’t to say “you can do absolutely nothing and make a million dollars!”….WRONG mindset.

It’s more to expand your awareness and help you understand that there are some serious opportunities out there.

I’ll live a pretty simple life…And my strategy really isn’t rocket science.

Keep building assets, work extremely hard in the beginning and reap the rewards down the road.

Create more freedom and flexibility in life!

What do you think of having a business bring in cash flow as you focus on other things? (vacations, other projects, family, hobbies)

Starting An Online Business Is Hard Work…But Rewarding!

Challenges of Online Business

I hate to break it to you, but starting an online business really is hard work.

And especially when just starting out.

I think many people have a fantasy of everything going just perfectly and cash flowing into their online accounts.

Unfortunately, you will hit bizarre obstacles along the way and many of them.

For example, even though I’ve been in the Internet Marketing industry for quite some time now, this week I ran into a major road block.

This had to do with my solo ad business and more importantly with 4 live customer orders going on.

Basically to cut a long story short, I had a major “outage” in the middle of some very important orders, that caused me to have to scramble to figure out a solution.

And guess what, I didn’t find a solution until after almost all of my orders were complete.

Meaning that I lost a chunk of money on these runs.

Now this isn’t meant to sound like I’m complaining, but more to highlight that starting and maintaining an online business is always going to present its challenges.

Which is the reason why 97% of people quit after the first few months.Starting An Online Business

However, the ones that ride the wave so to speak and adopt a relentless mindset are the ones that see impactful results.

To be frank, starting an online business is really hard work and especially for beginners.

It can feel like climbing a giant mountain.

But what’s the alternative…

Working a job that you hate for the rest of your life?

Struggling to pay the bills each month?

Having zero freedom in your life?

Let me also be clear…starting a successful online business CAN be accomplished.

I just want to be as realistic as possible so you don’t feel like you’ve been hit by a brick, if you decide you want to try.

With that being said, it is 100% worth taking a stab at starting up a side hustle.

With everything you do comes learning and with every failure comes extensive growth.

My first few attempts at starting an online business went very unsuccessfully, but the main advantage I had compared to many others is that I was STUBBORN!

Yes being stubborn is an advantage in business.

I did NOT give up.

And I tell you what, I learned more and more each and everyday I worked at my online ventures.

In fact, I became addicted, obsessed and a little crazy on seeing results.

Until things finally started happening for me.

It began with affiliate marketing, then a little bit of network marketing, then blogging, then solo ads and now I’m working on an E-commerce store.

Almost all of the online business models I mentioned above still to this day generate cash flow for me.

The sacrifice and failure I experienced when first starting out (and still do today) was all worth it in the end.

More problems, issues and unexpected annoyances will be sure to smack me around bit in the near future and I’m ready for it…and I want you to be too.

Too many times, this industry is loaded with attractive money screenshots and dream lifestyle videos…Where I like to take the more realistic approach so you’re not disappointed when you get cracking.

This WILL take work…However, the rewards can be priceless!

Now that you realize that starting an online business isn’t just a walk in the park, I still encourage you to get started…and as soon as you can.

This post was more meant to weed out the lazy people that truly aren’t ready for the responsibilities of starting an online business.

If you’ve read this far, kudos to you.

You are probably the exact type that will be very successful in whatever you do.

So let me ask you, is there anything I can help you with?

3 Reasons Why Internet Marketing Is So Appealing…

The Laptop Lifestyle

There’s many reasons why so many people gravitate towards Internet Marketing.

And why it’s one of the hottest niches out there today.

With jobs becoming more and more demanding, with heavier work loads and unrealistic deadlines and expectations, no wonder why people want to start a side hustle and learn Internet Marketing to create more freedom in life.

The bad news is, this niche has been flooded with all sorts of scams and over-hyped garbage…it’s EVERYWHERE!

The good news is, there really are endless and legitimate ways to create an extra income online and sharpen your skill set at the same time.

But why is Internet Marketing so appealing to some people…

Well let me explain a few reasons why this is such a hot topic:

Internet Marketing1.) Work Anywhere You Want

That’s right when you live the laptop lifestyle you truly have the freedom to work wherever you want to.  If you want to set up at your local coffee shop, great! If you want to work in your pajamas or sweatpants at home, sounds comfy! If you want to get things done with your toes in the sand at the beach, even better!  The key takeaway here is that you have the choice to work really anywhere that holds a solid Internet connection.  Sounds nice right?

2.) Set Your Own Hours

Are you an early bird, that loves to get your work done first thing in the quiet morning? Maybe you’re a night owl who is most productive when everyone is asleep.  The beauty of Internet Marketing is that you can set your own hours.  As long as you have a system that is generating enough cash flow, the choice is yours when you want to work!

3.) Unlimited Income Potential

This is probably the most attractive reason for many aspiring Internet Marketers.  When you set out to create an online business, there is literally no “ceiling” or income boundaries…Meaning you can make whatever you want really.  It all depends on the amount of work you put in.  Of course, there will be obstacles you come across and hoops you will have to jump through, but the sky is the limit when it comes to Marketing Online.

Now those are just a few reasons why Internet Marketing is so appealing to so many people.

It gives them much needed hope to change things up in their lives and strive for a bigger goal than what they are currently pursuing.

If any of these sound intriguing to you and you want to create more options in life, then you should absolutely do your research and consider getting into Internet Marketing.

What are you waiting for?

Internet Marketing Creates Options- Retire Early?

Internet Marketing

The wonderful world of Internet Marketing!

I remember when I first got hooked with the idea of making money online.

Around 8 or 9 years ago today I bought a $47 information product off of Warrior Forum and since then have been addicted to Internet Marketing ever since.

It was a product on how to make money with ClickBank using affiliate niche websites and video marketing.

I created my first website around an aircraft simulation game, grabbed my affiliate link from ClickBank and created a video to go along with the website (as you may already know, this method is way less effective today which is why I always reccomend starting a blog).

Around 3 weeks into my first niche website, I logged into my ClickBank account and saw a sale for $21.14!

Making your first sale online is unlike anything else…for the simple fact that it proves this type of lifestyle is possible with the right concentrated effort.

That lit the fire for me and eventually I started making 1 sale per week and then 1 sale per day and so on…

This encouraged me to get my feet wet in other online business models and expand my skill set and knowledge base…I wanted the lifestyle that the successful Internet marketers had.

Internet Marketing Can Feel Like Early Retirement- How So?

Let me be clear, I still work a full-time day job for the simple fact that I really enjoy what I do as an SEO strategist, but if you’re making enough money from Internet Marketing, you can essentially quit your job and have complete freedom.

I think that is everyone’s dream who gets into this business.

However, if you’re at this stage or close to it, it’s important that you read this before you quit your job.How To Retire Early

When you’ve created enough passive income to the point where you do not need to work a 9-5, traffic fighting, soul crushing job…it’s truly like you have retired early.

But even better, since you’re still making income from your online business.

I think that should be everyone’s end goal (besides creating as much value in people’s lives as possible).

But the goal of having complete freedom to do what you want, where you want and when you want to.

1.) With no shackles!

2.) No rules!

3.) No punching in a clock!

4.) No office politics!

5.) No long hours!

6.) No restrictions!

Through Internet marketing you create your path, you destiny and your future.

Will this take hard work at first…HECK YES!

But you need to look at this as a longer-term approach rather than a sprint.

If this sounds like something you want to pursue, I would dedicate enough time to learn about the ins and outs of online marketing first.

There are so many many different tactics, strategies and business models so it’s important to get a little bit of knowledge first.

I reccomend hanging out over at the Warrior Forum to start.

Realize that there are always opportunities for you to compete in the online world, for the simple fact that it’s so damn big!

Let me know your thoughts on this topic…

Do you have dreams of retiring early through Internet Marketing?

Do you want the freedom to live the life you deserve?


Knowledge Is Power! Internet Marketing Strategies, Tricks & Tips

Internet Marketing Strategies

If you haven’t already found out, I am a HUGE book reader.

In fact, in my opinion (besides meditation) it is the single best thing you can do for your mind.

The benefits from reading the right books may very well just blow your mind.

If you’re reading my blog, there’s a good chance you are interested in Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Starting a business, personal development, MLM, personal finance etc…

Luckily, there are thousands of books on these subjects to choose from.

In this short post I want to point out a few of my favorites that have really helped me along my wild and crazy Internet Marketing journey.

Top Book Recommendations

Note: These are in no particular order…

1.) The Millionaire Next Door- (Thomas J Stanley, William D. Danko)

This is an absolute classic that really got me interested in personal finance 8 or so years ago.  I tell anyone who wants to start a business online that they must have a good personal finance foundation.  This book reveals how the true millionaires in the United States are not the ones who drive fancy cars and have massive houses.  In fact, most of America’s millionaires are very average people who drive used cars, pay for things with cash, save money and invest over a long period of time. This book wiInternet Marketing Strategiesll REALLY open up your mind in terms of who the real millionaires are and how they accumulated their wealth.  Absolutely worth the read!

2.) The 10 Pillars Of Wealth (Alex Becker)

This book was recommended to me by one of my mentors and surprisingly enough I never heard of Alex Becker beforehand.  The content within this book digs in deep into the mind-sets of the world’s richest people.  Alex Becker is a 20-something year old, highly successful entrepreneur who is experienced in many different areas of business.  What I love about this book is that it gives you immediate action steps from someone who walks the walk and talks the talk. This is an excellent starting point if you are somewhat lost in terms of where to start with an online business.

3.) Blogging Secrets (John Chow, Peng Joon)

I’ve been following John Chow for a while now and for good reason.  He is a full-time blogger who makes over $1 million dollars per year from his blog.  Safe to say, this guy knows his stuff and his content is really phenomenal.  He started his blog as a case study, kind of like what I am doing here (although I’ve built other blogs before).  If you are wondering how to start a blog and where to start, first I recommend checking out my post here, but I also recommend picking up a copy of this book for additional tips and tricks.

4.) Relentless (Tim Grover)

Now this book will give you the kick in the you know what that you need when you are feeling lazy, unmotivated or overwhelmed.  Tim Grover, most well known for being the trainer of NBA players such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wayde really knows how to pump you up.  He explains how he trained these athletes to think like know one else, be like no one else and perform like no one else.  This has simply been one of the most important reads of my life and I frequently come back to it when I need a major push in my businesses.  Please do yourself a favor and READ this!

Those are just a few of my favorites, now it’s important you go out and find the right reading material for you.

Please leave me a comment below, what are your favorite books?

Don’t Forget To Relax- Internet Marketing Lifestyle Practices

Internet Marketing Lifestyle

What made me think of this topic is the extended weekend I have due to Memorial Day.

A habit that us Internet Marketers tend to get into is sitting behind our computer for 8-12 hours a day (sometimes longer).

Internet Marketing Tips

I have nothing against hard work and the occasional 18 hour day, however it’s just as important that you have time to relax and recharge.

Make sure you take the time to do somehting you enjoy whenever you get the chance.

Whether that’s reading a book, going for a walk, eating a nice dinner, exercising, etc…whatever it is that helps you unwind, do it!

You won’t believe the positive affect this will have on your business and more importantly, your life.

For example, as you can see in the picture to the left I enjoy golfing.

I do my best work after I have come back rested and full of energy.

Too many people get burnt out in this industry by never taking a minute to be away from their computer or any technology in general.

Get outside, get away from the LED screen and have some relaxation time.

So with that being said this weekend, my relaxation time will be a food truck festival on Saturday with friends and a wine tasting in Connecticut with my girlfriend on Sunday. 🙂

Don’t be afraid to take some time away from your Internet Marketing business, as it could very well be the best thing for you.

Of course, when you do get back to work…hit it harder than ever before.

It’s all about balance my friend, do what feels right.

Stay tuned because after this weekend, I have some exciting things coming your way.

Please leave me a comment and let me know how you like to spend your down-time!

Welcome To My Blog- Evan Hoeflich Marketing

Setting Up A Successful Blog

First and foremost, I wanted to say welcome to my new blog!

Although this isn’t the first blog I’ve ever written, I wanted to create something fresh where I can share my successes, failures and experience in the crazy industry of Online Marketing.

More importantly,  my goal here is to create a community of like-minded individuals who are looking to create an extra income online and help as many people as possible reach their true potential.

I encourage you to leave comments, create some discussion and really absorb what I have to write/teach in the coming future.

If you’re reading these words right now, there is a good chance you are looking to generate an extra income from home.

Luckily, I can help reveal to you what really works in this business and where you should spend you valuable time and hard earned money.

After literally 8 years of struggling online, I finally hooked up with a mentor who took me from struggling intermediate marketer, to online cash flowing rockstar.

I now am one of the top Solo Ad Traffic Vendors in the industry and have created an income for myself that I didn’t even really know was possible.

This has allowed me to explore and learn other business models and refine my craft as a pretty bad ass marketer. 🙂

The point here is to explain to you that really anyone can be successful online, however 97% of people will fail…it’s actually a statistical fact.

The reason being simply because they do not know who to learn from and what actions to take.

Stick with me through this process and you will learn more than you ever thought was possible.

I will hold nothing back and you shouldn’t either.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get some dirt on those hands.

The journey starts here!