How To Sell Solo Ads- 10 Steps To Get Started Selling Solo Ads

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Explaining how to sell solo ads through a blog post is very difficult since there are many different variables that go into being a quality solo ad vendor.

However, I’d like to give you some insight as well as a few concrete steps you’ll need to get started.How To Sell Solo Ads

Let me start off by saying, that selling solo ads is an extremely lucrative business model.

I blog about some of my results in terms of solo ad income and how once your funnel is set up, making money is very streamlined…see this post here for example of a $778 morning I had thanks to solo ads (it never gets old waking up to that kind of money sitting in my PayPal account).

Being a solo ad vendor has created so many benefits in my life:

  • It has provided me an extra and consistent stream of income.
  • It has allowed me to save/invest more money each month.
  • It has provided more financial security in my day to day life.
  • I have more flexibility with my schedule if I need it (although I tend to be a workaholic regardless)
  • It has allowed me to branch out and pursue other business models.
  • I’ve created wonderful relationships with other successful entrepreneurs.
  • It’s taught me a lot about the process of running an online business.

Those are just to name a few.

Again, if you are really serious about starting a solo ad business for yourself, please read the first two paragraphs of this blog post.

Now let me give you a few helpful steps to get started with selling solo ads.

How To Sell Solo Ads- 10 Steps To Get Started

1.) Sign Up for Web Hosting: You will need to sign up for web hosting in order to host your solo ad website, squeeze pages, landing pages etc. You can sign up for web hosting here, for only $3.95 per month (at the time of writing this). As a solo ad seller, you will be creating different pages, testing various layouts etc. so it’s important that you have a reliable hosting provider like the one in the link above (Bluehost).

2.) Sign Up For Aweber Email Autoresponder: In order to be an email advertiser and generate solo ad traffic, your must have an email autoresponder. The only autoresponder I recommend is Aweber, and you can sign up here for a free 30 day trial. Aweber is the most reputable AR online today and will be able to handle the growth of your email list as well as provide great delivery results.

3.) Create A Squeeze Page: In order to capture email addresses and start building your email list, you must create an enticing squeeze page. There a various tools to create squeeze pages like ClickFunnels for example, or you can create one from scratch using HTML. Here’s an example of a squeeze page that converts at 35% or higher: Squeeze Page Example. Make sure this is linked up correctly to your Aweber account.

4.) Sign Up For ClickMagick to Track Orders: In order to track your solo ad orders and provide your clients with detailed reports, you will need to sign up for ClickMagick here. Clickmagick will also be used to buy solo ads as well since it gives you detailed statistics on the traffic you buy yourself (opt-in rate, tier 1 %, device used, unique clicks etc.).

5.) Create A Custom Thank You Page: This is one of many strategies to produce extra clicks and increase your ROI when selling solo ads. After someone opts-in to your squeeze page, you’ll want to redirect them to a custom thank you page. On this thank you page, you can have 4 or more links that would ultimately be directed to your client’s link/order. Make sure you have a strong headline for example, “Here Are 4 Simple Ways Below To Create More Freedom In Your Life Through The Internet” and also make sure you link to your client orders (under the headline) using engaging anchor text like “Brand New Method To Building A Profitable Email List” etc. (These are just quick examples, this will need to be tested and tweaked). Don’t worry, this sounds confusing to start but it’s not bad once everything is set up (I recommend emailing me first before getting started so I can guide you in the right direction). Here’s how the Thank You Page approach would work: Buy Traffic ==> Squeeze Page ==> Thank You Page with client’s links to produce clicks ==> Send email broadcasts from AR for extra clicks

6.) Alternate Methods instead of Thank You Page (or in addition to it): The great thing about selling solo ads is that there is more than one strategy you can use. See below for three alternate methods to the Thank You Page approach above. Remember this is after someone opts-in to your squeeze page:

  • Method #1: Direct traffic to a sales page of your own (a personal product you create)…Or direct traffic to an affiliate offer. Although you lose out on producing extra clicks right away like you would with the Thank You Page, this method allows you to potentially recoup some of your traffic cost right away.  Some people are able to build their list for free using this tactic. Buy Traffic ==> Squeeze Page ==> Sales Page/Affiliate offer to recoup upfront ad costs ==> Send email broadcasts from AR to fulfill client orders
  • Method #2: Direct traffic to your client’s order immediately after they opt-in to your squeeze page.  This way every time someone opts-in to your own list, you are guaranteed a unique click on your client’s order as well. It would look like this: Buy Traffic ==> Squeeze Page ==> Client’s Order for guaranteed unique clicks ==> Send email broadcasts from AR for extra clicks
  • Method #3: The “Double Tab” strategy is a very powerful method that can’t be explained fully through this blog post (it uses a special script). Basically after someone opts-in to your squeeze page, two browser tabs would then open up. The first tab would be one of your client’s orders and the second would be your custom thank you page.  This guarantees a unique click every time someones opts-in to your squeeze page and also gives you potential to generate additional clicks from the other browser tab which would be your custom thank you page (this is good for running multiple solo ad orders at once). It would look like this: Buy Traffic ==> Squeeze Page ==> 1st Tab– Client’s Order for guaranteed unique clicks ==> 2nd Tab– Thank You Page with client links to produce additional clicks ==> Send email broadcasts from AR for extra clicks

7.) Find Clients and Generate Sales: Once your funnel is set up, you are ready to find clients. A quick way to do this is to acquire some testimonials in order to build your following. Reach out to other solo ad sellers who need traffic and offer them a really good deal in exchange for a written testimonial on one of the major solo ad groups like this one. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help out here. These testimonials get viewed by thousands of solo ad buyers, and can be an excellent way to build new as well as repeat business. There are about 100 other ways to build your client base as nearly everyone in this niche needs traffic, so be creative and don’t limit yourself. This one strategy is just a quick way to get stated.

8.) Feed the Machine By Buying Traffic: When you have your first solo ad orders lined up, you are now ready to buy some traffic to test out your funnel and fulfill your orders. I recommend starting with buying solo ads to start, which will help complete your orders. See the examples laid out above in orange on how the traffic will flow through your sales funnel. The traffic buying process is a good time to test different squeeze pages, thank you pages, funnel types etc. See how the traffic responds to your headlines, layout, colors, call-to-actions and so on. Once you get more comfortable and master buying solo ads, you can branch out and try other traffic sources as well.

9.) Send Email Broadcasts To Fulfill Orders: Although your funnel will already be producing many clicks already, email broadcasts will give you additional fire power and really help you increase your profits. These should be sent twice daily (once to your entire list and then again 12 hours later to the un-openers), and should contain your client’s link (if you have multiple client orders, you will want to set up an orders rotator in ClickMagick). Keep your emails short and to the point and do not use spammy language for the best chance of your emails landing in the primary inbox section. Many tricks and techniques to this step, please just email me.

10.) Rinse, Repeat and Scale Up: Once your funnel is really pumping out results for both you and your client’s, you can then scale this baby up and really kick it up a notch. This is when your client base is growing, referral traffic is increasing and your name is getting placed in various groups on Facebook/websites for being a quality seller. Basically your reputation is growing and you’re becoming an authority solo ad seller. You should now be able to afford to invest in additional advertising for your solo ad business, or use free tactics like SEO to gain even more traction.

I strongly urge you to reach out to me via email, if you would like to build a sustainable solo ad business that can serve you for years to come.

It’s not the easiest thing to explain over a blog post, however I wanted to give you some steps to familiarize yourself with the process.

For additional ninja tricks and incredible ways to optimize your sales funnel for maximum results, please send me an email to: so I can connect you with my mentor/coach.

From there, if you’d like to invest in the coaching program, you will receive step-by-step videos and instructions on how to build an incredible business around solo ads.

You will also be placed in a private Facebook community where we all share wins, tips, tricks, successes and more.

I hope you enjoyed this post and more importantly I hope it has opened up your mind to the power of selling solo ads!

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