Is ClickBank Dead? Making Money With ClickBank

How To Make Money With ClickBank

Fair warning that this post is going to be mini-rant :/

But I’ve been hearing over and over again from people that they think ClickBank is dead

Or that it’s impossible to make money with ClickBank anymore…

Or that the products on ClickBank no longer convert…blah blah blah blah.

My thoughts…This couldn’t be further from the truth!

In fact, I am making consistent sales each and every week with ClickBank from 2 different strategies and am in the process of scaling up my efforts.

The only reason why making money with ClickBank may be hard is because it does take some initial testing to see which products convert.

My #1 Secret To Making Money With ClickBank

There’s so much garbage going around that in order to make money with ClickBank you must pick the products that have the highest gravity.

Now this is why so many people can get all of the “hops” (clicks) that they want but can never convert those clicks into cold hard cash.

The reason being because they stick to promoting the highest gravity products that HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS of people promote.

In my opinion this means that these products are highly saturated (stay away).Making Money With ClickBank

Now here’s the kicker…I have made the most money from ClickBank off of products that most have never even heard of which have a super low gravity to go along with it 🙂

This one simple tip here is worth thousands of dollars and not many people would share this with you quite honestly.

The people who are making consistent money with ClickBank as an affiliate know this technique very well.

Now of course you can still make money from the higher gravity products but my biggest breakthroughs in ClickBank have simply been from promoting products that no one really knows about (hence less competition).

As long as the sales page is solid and the product is what your visitors are looking for, then its got a chance.

Now the key here is to test like crazy, test everything….literally.

I promote affiliate products that convert only from a dozen clicks or less…

And then I have affiliate products that take hundreds of clicks before they convert.

As with all of your marketing, you need to test things thoroughly before drawing any conclusions.

Plain and simple, ClickBank is one of my favorite sources of extra and consistent income which is why it really disturbs me when people say it’s “dead“.

I challenge you to not be a ClickBank failure statistic and test this sh*t like crazy.

Rant over, hopefully that wasn’t too bad.

I will have more tips on actually making money with ClickBank to come in the near future so please stay tuned…

In the meantime, stay persistent and never give up!