Are Entrepreneurs Born or Built Successful?

Entrepreneur Habits

Recent tech success stories out of Silicon Valley have generated the idea that anyone who can get VC investors can launch a company and become a successful entrepreneur.

The ultimate collapse of a lot of those start-up businesses has Wall Street rethinking what makes a business leader able to launch a successful startup. It isn’t merely money and a fantastic idea that builds great business, it is great leaders. Americans should reconsider what it means to become an business startup leader.

The term entrepreneur pertains to a person that has established a business…However, it’s more than this; it’s a specific set of abilities and features which are innate in some people or can be learned by passionate individuals. The push to become an entrepreneur is clear to those people in their youth which drives them to begin their own company. If you started your own business designing logos on 99designs then you know you are a natural-born entrepreneur.

Many prosperous startup businesses are established by those that possess a distinct entrepreneurial personality, which scientists dubbed the Entrepreneur Gene, and personality traits that are special in the business world.

Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are Created Differently

Researchers have found that entrepreneurial brains are different and they’ve termed this gap “entrepreneurial cognition.” This usually means the methods entrepreneurs use to make decisions is significantly different than full-time corporate workers. Neuroscientists have ascertained that the women and men who eventually become successful entrepreneurs possess a high need for novelty and liberty, and they’re also highly exploratory, spontaneous, optimistic, enthusiastic and responsible.

This does not indicate they don’t need years of formal schooling, business expertise, and business knowledge – they do.  It’s their internal entrepreneur which compels them to obtain this technical training and skill to establish their company. You know you are an entrepreneur if you spend your weekends building an online business.

However, with the right motivation and open mindset, determined individuals without these natural traits can be effectively taught entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Professor Julian Lange, of Babson College, states, “Much of the recent research shows that entrepreneurship can be taught. Maybe, simply put, you can’t teach someone to be passionate about entrepreneurship. On the other hand, I’ve been teaching for 20 years, and in my experience people can definitely discover their passion for entrepreneurship in the classroom. And in terms of general skills, if they start out with interests or endowments that make them more likely to be entrepreneurs or less likely, you can enhance their ability to be entrepreneurs through teaching.”

Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs

Great Salesman

All business owners will need to understand how to sell. Whether they are promoting their business plans to shareholders for company loans, or if they’re promoting their company mission to their workers, their sales abilities are essential to their win.

Drive for Success

Your enthusiasm for achievement and success may power your entrepreneurial ventures. This is a different kind of mindset compared to that of a “for hire employee”. Several of the most prosperous entrepreneurs came from modest beginnings that drove their desire for achievement. This internal drive will inspire them and keep their spirits up to perform the grueling schedule required to create your own business triumph.

Independent Mind

As an industrialist, you steer your ship as Captain. You have to rely on your own wits and no one else, so you want to consider yourself and plan to make tough choices. Most entrepreneurs have an extraordinarily powerful instinct and self confidence. They are in charge of their own lives, their businesses, and their workers, and they care deeply. They set goals and write them down and refer to them often.

Know Buyers Motives

To be successful as a company owner, you have to genuinely understand your clients and why they purchase your products. You need to deeply understand their lifestyles and motives. This implies understanding the real reason they are buying, not just the one they prefer to talk about. Should you genuinely comprehend their psychology, their lives, their own needs, you will probably know what they will buy before they reach for their wallets.

Committed to the Long Range View

Small business executives know it takes time build a company and they’re able to diligently labor to reach their objectives. This can be hard for excited, fast moving entrepreneurs to do in real life. But it’s a characteristic they need to learn if they intend to be successful.

Highly Motivated

Entrepreneurs like to get the job done. In reality, they’re jazzed about the actions and goals they’ve set for their new organization. They are significantly separate from those folks whose job life is merely a way to make money. Please don’t be duped into believing the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, though the work hours are flexible, it’s not a modest nor straightforward job commitment. Most of them work over 40 hours weekly during their startup periods. That is the reason it’s vital that they’re highly engaged to voluntarily continue this demanding pace.

Love to Break Rules

Most entrepreneurs hate rules. They’re always saying, Why don’t we try this instead? Or can’t we do it like this? While corporate kinds are pleased to follow the company, the entrepreneur hates the limitation and apparently stupid set of rules. They can see their commercial vision a much better, and frequently more rewarding method to get the very same objectives. Often the exasperation with business rules encourages people to establish their companies rather than accept the corporate dogma.

Positive Mindset

The top industry Entrepreneur media has ascertained that business starters are very optimistic. This is particularly significant since scientists have found that negative feelings can reduce the minds capability to think creatively and broadly. These people see trials as challenges as well as the resolution of the puzzle as exciting and entertaining.

Take calculated risks

In contrast to some people’s opinion, entrepreneurs don’t enjoy high risks. Individuals who have a strong demand for safety see them as such, however, the belief is false. Entrepreneurs compute their risks by performing analysis, research and consulting with other consultants. They weigh the advantages and disadvantages of dangers and always have another strategy to safeguard their organization and assets.

Lifelong Learners

The main task for the majority of business people is learning new abilities. Whether it’s the way to handle social websites, or decrease expenses, or to enter a new trade, entrepreneurs want to always be growing and learning to be successful.

The best entrepreneurs are lifelong students. They learn officially in books, classes, seminars and by studying business publications and informally by studying entrepreneur sites, like this one, and from business experience of problems and solutions.

Certainly, many individuals with a basic education can manage a company reasonably well. But the majority of them don’t have the spirit of an entrepreneur that is going to make a straightforward business into a prosperous firm. To be the leader of a growing company, you need to possess these attributes or learn these and the skills necessary to succeed.

About the Author:

Marsha- Author BioAuthor of this post, Marsha Kelly, sold her first business for more than a million dollars. She’s shared hard-won experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur on her Best4Businesses small business blog. Marsha also regularly posts business tips, ideas, insights and suggestions as well as product reviews for business readers. As a serial entrepreneur who has done “time” in corporate America, Marsha has learned what products and services really work well in business today. You can learn from her experiences from shopping the internet for tools, supplies, and information to build your businesses and improve lives financially.

3 Quick Ways To Improve Your WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO Strategies

Millions of people worldwide use WordPress for their blogs, websites, and even online stores. There’s no doubt that it’s a great CMS; the numbers speak for themselves, however, their ‘out-of-the-box’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a quick, or even good, solution to apply to your SEO strategy. Although there are plenty of ways to drive and encourage traffic to your website, we all know that SEO is the crucially important, mainly because it produces actual results.

What we’re really saying here is, don’t rely on WordPress’s SEO to get your website to the top of Google’s search engine ranking. In this post, we’ve put together 3 quick and effective ways for you to improve your WordPress SEO, without too much effort.

1.) Choose the best WordPress Web Host

Now, you’re probably wondering, what does your web hosting provider have to do with increasing your WordPress SEO? Google takes into account many factors when calculating your website’s position on their search engine results page (SERP); one of those factors being the speed of your website. Your web host, when it comes right down to it, WordPress SEOdetermines the downtime of your website, and the speed in which your website loads.

It’s really important to check out the uptime and potential server speed from your web host; most web hosting providers offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, giving you the reassurance that you require. However, it’s not as simple as finding a web host that provides a guarantee; there are other factors included too, such as their reputation, customer support, and hosting features. You’re going to need a web host that gives you access to 1-click installs, such as, WordPress, to ensure that you can gain easy access to your website, and your web host’s control panel at the same time.

Being smart about your choices will return great results; look for a web host who offers specific WordPress hosting plans, as well as speed and consistent high performance.

2.) Use a reputable SEO plugin

I can’t put into words how great WordPress plugins are; software that can simply boost the usability of your website at the click of a button – but, don’t go overboard. There are A LOT of plugins available for WordPress, and as tempting as it may be to install every shiny plugin, that’s not the trick here. Using a recognised and reputable SEO plugin can certainly help your SERP ranking, such as, Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO has been branded the number 1 WordPress SEO plugin, and there’s plenty of reasons for this. If you’re new to WordPress and/or SEO, there’s a lot of terminology that won’t make sense. Yoast SEO pretty much deals with all the jargon for you and performs all the tedious tasks to ensure your website gets seen. From Sitemaps and breadcrumbs, to meta descriptions and oodles of features, Yoast SEO integrates and manages your WordPress website with Google to the best of its ability.  It even goes as far as providing you with all the tools you need when writing content for your website; is it SEO friendly? Does it conform to SEO standards? How will your page look on Google?

Yoast SEO is free to download, with premium options available. It’s updated regularly and has over 5 million active installations. It’s most certainly a quick and easy way to improve your WordPress SEO.

3.) Use a responsive design or template

If you decide to use one of WordPress’s templates, of which there are literally thousands, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s responsive. How often do you browse the internet on your mobile phone? Probably quite a lot! So, would you be happy if you were using your smart phone, and came across a website that wasn’t optimised for your screen size? Of course not, and neither would Google!

Another one of Google’s ranking factors is responsive design; creating a website that will look great on both desktop and mobile is essential in 2018. Whether you’re using a computer, phone, or tablet, your website design or WordPress template must be responsive.  Most WordPress themes are, which is great, as it saves trawling through thousands of designs to find one that’s suitable.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, WordPress is a great platform to use to create a new blog, website, or even run your own business. There are plenty of tools available to get you started, and simple tips and tricks to ensure that your WordPress SEO is up to scratch. It may seem daunting at first, but, there’s an abundant amount of information available on the internet to guide you along your way.

Author Bio:

JannJann is a Content Writer at – She is committed to providing all you need to know about technology along with researching and analyzing the best hosting providers.


Any questions or comments? Let Jann and I know in the comments section!

How to Boost Usability of a WordPress Website- Tips & Tricks

Wordpress Tips

The main reason why WordPress is currently managing about 28 percent of all content on the Internet is due to the fact that it has an incredibly beginner-friendly learning curve. This is mostly due to the fact that it allows you to design a website without having to actively learn how to code. However, learning how to use the basics and knowing how to get the most out of your WordPress website’s potential is not the one and the same thing. With this in mind and without further ado, here are a couple of tips you might find particularly useful.

1. Lightweight theme for ultimate responsiveness

The first thing you need to put your mind to when designing a website is its responsiveness. Broad online audiences expect your website to load within two seconds and get seriously frustrated when it fails to do so. According to one survey, it takes only 4 seconds of non-responsiveness in order for your website to lose about one-quarter of all its visitors. In order to avoid this happening, you need to look for a lightweight WordPress theme. Recognizing it is quite easy since it has to A) appear minimalistic, B) be HTML code optimized and C) have a small size of the theme files. While there are some exceptions to these three rules, they usually hold true.

2. Eliminate unnecessary plugins

WordPress Tips and Tricks

While each plugin you use may add a new function to your website, install too many and you will see a significant decline in your website’s functionality. Due to the fact that each of them requires an additional HTTP request, this will slow down your website’s load time and in this way cause a problem discussed in the previous section. Furthermore, more plugins require more maintenance, which is yet another reason why you should prioritize when it comes to your website’s third-party software selection.

3. Find the right host

The next thing you need to keep in mind is that not everything is up to you. Finding a host who can’t deliver on their promise of speed and uptime can land a devastating blow to a struggling young enterprise. Therefore, you need to keep both your eyes open when looking for the right cPanel hosting option. As for the other features you need to focus on, the uptime (at least 99.99 percent of the time), decent monthly traffic (at least 50 GB) and 24/7 web support are a bare minimum.

4. Keep it simple

Throughout this article, we argued just how important it is to keep your website fast and functional. However, keeping its design simple gives you a boost to the overall CX (customer experience), as well. For instance, a more intuitive navigation means that your audience will have an easier time finding their way around your domain, however, it also means that your website might get indexed sooner.

Additionally, a simple check out system means a significantly lower shopping cart abandonment rate (provided that you have an e-commerce website). Finally, a transparent CTA (call-to-action) button could lead to a lower bounce rate, not to mention that more whitespace also boosts the readability of your content by quite a bit. All of these perks boost your SEO rank and your overall standing in the digital environment.

5. Image optimization

At the end of the day, in order to make your content more appealing, you need to add the right images to it. Since the human brain registers about 90 percent of all information it receives visually, the choice of an adequate image is more than important. However, what matters the most is that the image is well-optimized for your website, especially today, where people are likely to access it through various devices. As for the way in which to go about this, the choice is yours. Some decide to do so manually, while others prefer turning to plugins and completely automating this process.

At the end of the day, sometimes, in order to get more out of your website, you need to add less. Still, going with the minimalist approach doesn’t mean that you should leave your website virtually empty. There is a fine line between creating a beautiful minimalist web design and displaying a lack of care for your website’s appearance. Needless to say, while you should favor functionality above the aesthetics, you can’t afford to neglect the looks either. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t; yet in the world of web design, these are some of the choices you will just have to learn how to live with.

Author Bio:

Raul- Technivorz

My name is Raul and I am editor in chief at Technivorz blog. I have a lot to say about innovations in all aspects of digital technology and online marketing. Please take a minute to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.



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Get Things Out of Your Head and Onto Paper- Writing Down Goals

Writing Down Your Goals

Sometimes it’s the simple tips, tricks or strategies that make the biggest impact in our lives.

What I’m going to share with you today might seem incredibly basic or common, but it’s important that you do not underestimate its power.

Before I used this technique I was less organized, less motivated and had a harder time following through with anything I wanted to accomplish.

Now that I constantly make this a priority every day, week, month, year etc., my results in both my business and my personal life have improved dramatically.

Now what simple tip am I talking about here? (although you probably already know by reading the title of this post)…

Writing Down Goals!

Yes, I know obvious…

Yes, I know basic…

Yes, I know simplistic…

But you wouldn’t believe how many people do NOT actually write down their goals.

And I’m talking on a daily basis.

You see, writing down goals can be used for anything really…both short-term and long-term…small goals or large goals, it doesn’t matter.

“The simple technique of getting things out of your head and onto paper is extremely powerful and releasing at the same time…”

There’s something about seeing the goal in front of your eyes (on paper), in comparison to roaming free in your mind, that increases the likelihood of you actually completing that task or working towards it.Writing Down Goals

Now I realize I keep saying “on paper” but goals can also be typed into the “Notes” section of your smartphone or computer…placed in a Word Doc etc.

I just find it works best writing down goals in a notebook, on a sticky note or in a journal.

For example, I like to write down both short-term goals as well as long term goals.

The daily goals I need to get done are always jotted down in a journal I have which I refer to regularly.

Once I complete a given task, I simply cross it off the list (this is also a very fulfilling process).

Towards the end of the day when I see multiple tasks scribbled out, it means I had a very productive day.

Again, don’t underestimate this…It can easily compound into days, weeks, months and years,

This one habit/technique is accessible to anyone willing to try it and generates really impressive results for those who stick with it.

Long-term or larger goals should be approached just the same.

You may not look at them as frequently, but just the process of writing them down is half the battle.

In a way this has really helped me organize my direction in life and the objectives that I’d like to accomplish.

Before using this specific technique I was flying blind really, and had no clear vision or motive.

If you’re not already doing this, I’d like to challenge you to try.

You may just be surprised how good it feels to make these goals a bit more tangible by writing them down.

Track your progress as well and see if this indeed helps you in your journey.

I’m not saying this is for everyone, but it is a common trait of many of the most successful people in the world.

So there’s gotta be something going on here!

Do you currently write down your goals?

ClickMagick Review- Click Tracking & Link Tracking Tool

Click Tracking

Today I wanted to take the time to write a ClickMagick review, especially since it is such a big part of the solo ad business I run…And also because I have so much confidence and respect for the tools and features it provides.

The great thing about ClickMagick is that it can be used universally for tracking all of your marketing efforts.

You can also sign up for a 14 day free trial here to test the waters before making a decision.

However, once you experience all that ClickMagick has to offer, you will most likely become a dedicated member.

Without accurate click tracking, bot monitoring, link organization/rotation, detailed campaign reports etc., I simply wouldn’t be able to run my solo ad business to the extent that I do today. (Interested in getting started selling solo ads? Read this).

ClickMagick is such a critical tool for various reasons and provides both me and my clients
the data that we need to make the most of our traffic runs together.

I also use ClickMagick for my email marketing, tracking clicks on my website, YouTube campaigns, social media and much more.

ClickMagick Review

Again, ClickMagick is ideal for any type of marketing, link tracking and click tracking…Infact it is one of my top recommended tools for any Internet marketer.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of ClickMagick:

ClickMagick Review & Features

The growing list of quality features that ClickMagick provides is a big reason why numerous marketers use it religiously in their businesses…This is also a reason why it is the top choice in terms of click/link tracking tools.

There is not another click tracking tool that offers nearly the amount of diversity, customizability, and quality that ClickMagick does.

For example, take a look at some of the key features you’ll receive by being a ClickMagick member:

  • Link Cloaking
  • 24/7 Link Uptime Monitoring
  • Automatic Bot Filtering
  • Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis
  • Custom Tracking Domains (Unlimited)
  • Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization
  • Effortless Conversion Tracking
  • A/B Split Testing w/ Automated Winner Alerts
  • Multi-Mode Link Rotators
  • Add 4 Types Of Pop Ups To Any Link
  • Add Content & Notification Bars To Any Link
  • Add A Countdown Timer To Any Link Or Page
  • Add Retargeting Pixels To Any Link
  • Dynamic Affiliate Links
  • Advanced Postback URL Tracking
  • Dynamic Ad Network Token & Sub-ID Passing
  • Facebook Sharing – Custom Title, Description & Image
  • True Real-Time Stats
  • Google Analytics Compatible
  • Lightning-Fast Link Redirects
  • Easy-To-Navigate Detailed In-Depth Stats
  • Public Stats Sharing
  • Import & Export Your Data & Stats
  • New Features Monthly Based On User Feedback
  • Growing Tutorial & Training Video Library
  • Fanatical US-Based Support Team

These features are from the ClickMagick website, please go here to take a look and sign up for a free trial.

Simply put, there really isn’t anything you can’t do with ClickMagick…and they also have extremely helpful training videos should you ever get stuck using their tools.

Another important point to touch upon is the ClickMagick support team…This really separates them from the crowd, in my opinion.

Whenever I have a question or issue, I submit a ticket to the ClickMagick support system and within 24 hours I always receive a thorough and helpful response back.

I don’t know many other companies that can respond to support tickets that quickly (and especially since ClickMagick is such a popular service)…They offer really top-notch customer service which is one of the main things I look for when buying any type of marketing tool.

ClickMagick Pricing

The flexibility offered by ClickMagick in terms of pricing allows any level marketer to join.

You can select the package that works best for your situation and business.

All are extremely affordable and allow you to enter at the level you feel comfortable with.

The best part is, you can sign up for a 14 day free trial here in order test the tools of the ClickMagick system first.

This is a game-changer for anyone who may be on the fence or just wants to get more familiar with the tools to start.

Affordable pricing, exceptional features and top-notch customer service, it’s no wonder why so many people both trust and use ClickMagick in their online businesses.

Being a member for over 2 years at the time of writing this post, I have nothing but great things to say about this serve and highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

My last recommendation would be to NOT use a free click tracking platform….These are generally unreliable and extremely limited (compared to ClickMagick) in terms of features.

If you are at all serious about your business and marketing online, you will want to invest in something like ClickMagick as it will save you time and money in the long-term.


Blog Update: 4 Months Since Switching To Https Protocol & My Results

It’s been around 4 months (a little longer actually) at the time of writing this post, since I purchased an SSL certificate and switched to https on my website.

Please make sure to read my first post here on switching from http to https to see the reasons for this change.

I’m still surprised how many websites I see using an http protocol, when there are so many advantages of converting to https.

Anyways, I wanted to provide an update on my results of switching to https to hopefully help you understand why you should consider making the change as well.

Before we dive in, one important point I’d like to mention is if you do make this switch, you must ensure that all old URLs (http) are being 301 redirected to your new URLs (https).  You do not want two versions of your website as this will negatively impact your overall SEO and search engine rankings.

Now let’s get to the update…

Update: 4 Months Since Switching to https

A good way to track some of these big changes on your website is to use the “annotation” feature in Google Analytics…see screenshot below.

switching from http to https seo


You can find this feature under the traffic chart inside your Google Analytics account and it’s a great way to gauge how your website is performing in terms of traffic after you make a change.

Since making the switch to https my organic traffic has noticeably increased when compared to the time period I was using the http protocol.

In fact, organic traffic is up a total of 310% when comparing August 5, 2017 – December 22, 2017 to March 18, 2017 – August 4, 2017 (basically this is approximately 4 months prior to and 4 months after switching to https).

See the screenshot below for a visual comparison:

Switching To Https


The blue line represents “https” and the orange line represents when my website was “http” (this is tracking organic search visits).

I think it’s safe to say that this was a good decision.

Switching to https really helped my overall search engine rankings which in return is bringing me in more organic traffic to my website.

Let’s take a look at the screenshot below that shows the overall progress from switching to https (organic traffic again): converting http to https


As you can see again, there is a noticeable improvement in organic traffic after switching to https.

Now it’s also important to point out that this increase in organic wasn’t all due to switching to https.

I believe two other key factors to the increases I’m seeing in traffic and search engine rankings is due to consistent content generation and link building as well.

However, I wouldn’t be able to make this kind of progress if I was still using the http protocol.

The combination of all these SEO techniques are working together to help the organic growth of my blog.

This is evidence that adopting the right marketing strategy pays off…maybe not right away but eventually down the road.

Stay patient!

I hope this post was insightful/helpful and you received some value from it.

When combining the right strategies and constantly monitoring, tracking and testing your results, you can really begin to make some progress.

My goal here is to share with you what is working well for me, so you can go ahead and implement the same strategies.

Have you made the switch to https yet?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Media Monitoring: Why Should You Care About What Others Think of You?

Media Monitoring Service

Getting the right feedback from the right people can be of vital importance for developing your business in the right direction. A few decades ago, you would have had to count on rare occasional personal experiences and surveys that could have easily lacked reliability and authenticity. Today, you can track conversations about your brand, mentions and complaints in real-time with little effort, especially if you decide to use some of the many media monitoring tools at hand.

Why is media monitoring important?

You can do some primitive sort of media monitoring manually, by using search engines and some default tools provided by social media, but this is not a very comprehensive nor time-saving way to find out what people are saying about you online. Instead, using a reputable media monitoring tool makes your life much easier because most of them basically do all the footwork for you and digest all the data collected over social media, and media in general, into a few coherent and intelligible pieces of information.

As it was mentioned, getting feedback can be crucial for business development – having an unbiased opinion on what’s wrong or at least what’s perceived to be wrong with your product is obviously the first step to improving it. Furthermore, you can check if you have been mentioned by influential people, either in a positive or in a negative context, and use it to your advantage. It’s also essential to check where all these conversations are happening – knowing where your customers “hang out” is useful information if you want to improve targeting for your upcoming digital marketing campaign.

Media Monitoring

Which Tools Should I Use?

There’s a large number of media monitoring tools out there and the list just keeps growing. If you’re planning to keep an eye on what people are saying, then this is generally good for you because it means that you can find the tool that suits all your needs.

For instance, Google Alerts is a very common choice and works in a very basic and intuitive way. You simply choose a few keywords that are in some way vital for your business – the name of your brand, your product, your competition or even your industry in general, and you’ll get an email when there’s new content containing some of the terms.

Hootsuite is also a popular choice, and it is also based on searching for desired keywords and notifying you if anything new is found across different networks. It goes beyond just monitoring – you can use it to check your outreach and measure results of your campaigns or schedule posts.

Some tools like Social Mention focus not just on the number of mentions, but also the sentiment and passion related to them. Sentiment represents the ratio of positive and negative mentions, while passion is the metric that measures how often people are inclined to repeat the keyword you’re interested in.

With other tools, like Mediaportal by Isentia, you can customize the manner in which you wish to be alerted – whether by a text message, email, RSS feed or smartphone notification. Isentia offers not just monitoring a huge number of standard online media, but also thousands of print sources and broadcast programs, as well as daily briefings that summarize all the relevant info for you every morning.


Once you have all the important info, you can also get involved in the ongoing conversations wherever you see fit. In general, when you do this you should be helpful and respectful. Never lose your temper and have in mind that, ultimately, there’s no such thing as bad critics – if the critics are wrong, it will be easy to prove it, and if they’re right, you’ll have a chance to show that you’re supportive, knowledgeable, and willing to solve the problem. Having the right attitude towards your customers builds your brand’s reputation and the online community around it.

All in all, tracking what people think and say about you, as well as communicating with them afterwards, is very valuable for your business. You have the opportunity to continuously listen to the most unprejudiced possible feedback in real-time, so use all the tools at your disposal and make the most of them.

Author Bio:

Jolene Rutheford

Jolene Rutheford is a marketing specialist- turned blogger, currently writing quality content for Technivorz. She is interested in and passionate about media and social media, digital marketing, psychology and much more.  Jolene loves coffee, jazz, dystopian and fantasy movies.


Is this a strategy you are currently using in your business?

How To Sell Solo Ads- 10 Steps To Get Started Selling Solo Ads

(Important Note: If you are truly serious and motivated about building a sustainable solo ad business, please email me with the subject line “How To Sell Solo Ads” to…I would like to connect you with my mentor/coach who helped me create a full-time income doing this.

Let me be transparent and let you know that an investment will be required to access the coaching/mentor program, but it is hands down one of the best decisions you can make if you are at all serious about building an online business from scratch (there are also different payment options available so anyone can join)…This has really created substantial opportunity in my own life and is definitely worth emailing me for more information so we can get you started).

Explaining how to sell solo ads through a blog post is very difficult since there are many different variables that go into being a quality solo ad vendor.

However, I’d like to give you some insight as well as a few concrete steps you’ll need to get started.How To Sell Solo Ads

Let me start off by saying, that selling solo ads is an extremely lucrative business model.

I blog about some of my results in terms of solo ad income and how once your funnel is set up, making money is very streamlined…see this post here for example of a $778 morning I had thanks to solo ads (it never gets old waking up to that kind of money sitting in my PayPal account).

Being a solo ad vendor has created so many benefits in my life:

  • It has provided me an extra and consistent stream of income.
  • It has allowed me to save/invest more money each month.
  • It has provided more financial security in my day to day life.
  • I have more flexibility with my schedule if I need it (although I tend to be a workaholic regardless)
  • It has allowed me to branch out and pursue other business models.
  • I’ve created wonderful relationships with other successful entrepreneurs.
  • It’s taught me a lot about the process of running an online business.

Those are just to name a few.

Again, if you are really serious about starting a solo ad business for yourself, please read the first two paragraphs of this blog post.

Now let me give you a few helpful steps to get started with selling solo ads.

How To Sell Solo Ads- 10 Steps To Get Started

1.) Sign Up for Web Hosting: You will need to sign up for web hosting in order to host your solo ad website, squeeze pages, landing pages etc. You can sign up for web hosting here, for only $3.95 per month (at the time of writing this). As a solo ad seller, you will be creating different pages, testing various layouts etc. so it’s important that you have a reliable hosting provider like the one in the link above (Bluehost).

2.) Sign Up For Aweber Email Autoresponder: In order to be an email advertiser and generate solo ad traffic, your must have an email autoresponder. The only autoresponder I recommend is Aweber, and you can sign up here for a free 30 day trial. Aweber is the most reputable AR online today and will be able to handle the growth of your email list as well as provide great delivery results.

3.) Create A Squeeze Page: In order to capture email addresses and start building your email list, you must create an enticing squeeze page. There a various tools to create squeeze pages like ClickFunnels for example, or you can create one from scratch using HTML. Here’s an example of a squeeze page that converts at 35% or higher: Squeeze Page Example. Make sure this is linked up correctly to your Aweber account.

4.) Sign Up For ClickMagick to Track Orders: In order to track your solo ad orders and provide your clients with detailed reports, you will need to sign up for ClickMagick here. Clickmagick will also be used to buy solo ads as well since it gives you detailed statistics on the traffic you buy yourself (opt-in rate, tier 1 %, device used, unique clicks etc.).

5.) Create A Custom Thank You Page: This is one of many strategies to produce extra clicks and increase your ROI when selling solo ads. After someone opts-in to your squeeze page, you’ll want to redirect them to a custom thank you page. On this thank you page, you can have 4 or more links that would ultimately be directed to your client’s link/order. Make sure you have a strong headline for example, “Here Are 4 Simple Ways Below To Create More Freedom In Your Life Through The Internet” and also make sure you link to your client orders (under the headline) using engaging anchor text like “Brand New Method To Building A Profitable Email List” etc. (These are just quick examples, this will need to be tested and tweaked). Don’t worry, this sounds confusing to start but it’s not bad once everything is set up (I recommend emailing me first before getting started so I can guide you in the right direction). Here’s how the Thank You Page approach would work: Buy Traffic ==> Squeeze Page ==> Thank You Page with client’s links to produce clicks ==> Send email broadcasts from AR for extra clicks

6.) Alternate Methods instead of Thank You Page (or in addition to it): The great thing about selling solo ads is that there is more than one strategy you can use. See below for three alternate methods to the Thank You Page approach above. Remember this is after someone opts-in to your squeeze page:

  • Method #1: Direct traffic to a sales page of your own (a personal product you create)…Or direct traffic to an affiliate offer. Although you lose out on producing extra clicks right away like you would with the Thank You Page, this method allows you to potentially recoup some of your traffic cost right away.  Some people are able to build their list for free using this tactic. Buy Traffic ==> Squeeze Page ==> Sales Page/Affiliate offer to recoup upfront ad costs ==> Send email broadcasts from AR to fulfill client orders
  • Method #2: Direct traffic to your client’s order immediately after they opt-in to your squeeze page.  This way every time someone opts-in to your own list, you are guaranteed a unique click on your client’s order as well. It would look like this: Buy Traffic ==> Squeeze Page ==> Client’s Order for guaranteed unique clicks ==> Send email broadcasts from AR for extra clicks
  • Method #3: The “Double Tab” strategy is a very powerful method that can’t be explained fully through this blog post (it uses a special script). Basically after someone opts-in to your squeeze page, two browser tabs would then open up. The first tab would be one of your client’s orders and the second would be your custom thank you page.  This guarantees a unique click every time someones opts-in to your squeeze page and also gives you potential to generate additional clicks from the other browser tab which would be your custom thank you page (this is good for running multiple solo ad orders at once). It would look like this: Buy Traffic ==> Squeeze Page ==> 1st Tab– Client’s Order for guaranteed unique clicks ==> 2nd Tab– Thank You Page with client links to produce additional clicks ==> Send email broadcasts from AR for extra clicks

7.) Find Clients and Generate Sales: Once your funnel is set up, you are ready to find clients. A quick way to do this is to acquire some testimonials in order to build your following. Reach out to other solo ad sellers who need traffic and offer them a really good deal in exchange for a written testimonial on one of the major solo ad groups like this one. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help out here. These testimonials get viewed by thousands of solo ad buyers, and can be an excellent way to build new as well as repeat business. There are about 100 other ways to build your client base as nearly everyone in this niche needs traffic, so be creative and don’t limit yourself. This one strategy is just a quick way to get stated.

8.) Feed the Machine By Buying Traffic: When you have your first solo ad orders lined up, you are now ready to buy some traffic to test out your funnel and fulfill your orders. I recommend starting with buying solo ads to start, which will help complete your orders. See the examples laid out above in orange on how the traffic will flow through your sales funnel. The traffic buying process is a good time to test different squeeze pages, thank you pages, funnel types etc. See how the traffic responds to your headlines, layout, colors, call-to-actions and so on. Once you get more comfortable and master buying solo ads, you can branch out and try other traffic sources as well.

9.) Send Email Broadcasts To Fulfill Orders: Although your funnel will already be producing many clicks already, email broadcasts will give you additional fire power and really help you increase your profits. These should be sent twice daily (once to your entire list and then again 12 hours later to the un-openers), and should contain your client’s link (if you have multiple client orders, you will want to set up an orders rotator in ClickMagick). Keep your emails short and to the point and do not use spammy language for the best chance of your emails landing in the primary inbox section. Many tricks and techniques to this step, please just email me.

10.) Rinse, Repeat and Scale Up: Once your funnel is really pumping out results for both you and your client’s, you can then scale this baby up and really kick it up a notch. This is when your client base is growing, referral traffic is increasing and your name is getting placed in various groups on Facebook/websites for being a quality seller. Basically your reputation is growing and you’re becoming an authority solo ad seller. You should now be able to afford to invest in additional advertising for your solo ad business, or use free tactics like SEO to gain even more traction.

I strongly urge you to reach out to me via email, if you would like to build a sustainable solo ad business that can serve you for years to come.

It’s not the easiest thing to explain over a blog post, however I wanted to give you some steps to familiarize yourself with the process.

For additional ninja tricks and incredible ways to optimize your sales funnel for maximum results, please send me an email to: so I can connect you with my mentor/coach.

From there, if you’d like to invest in the coaching program, you will receive step-by-step videos and instructions on how to build an incredible business around solo ads.

You will also be placed in a private Facebook community where we all share wins, tips, tricks, successes and more.

I hope you enjoyed this post and more importantly I hope it has opened up your mind to the power of selling solo ads!

How Online Surveys Can Help Your Business

How Online Surveys Help Your Business

Surveys have been used by marketers for a long time, as a de facto research tool for fast-moving businesses. Today, there are online variations that make the whole process much easier – surveys used to require too much time and money, but are now quick, cheap and do-it-yourself online. By using them routinely, you can gain crucial information about the kinds of services, products and improvements your customers might be willing to pay for, but also demonstrate that you value their opinions by giving them a voice.

The online survey industry is growing, being estimated at $2.4 billion worth of business in 2011, and that’s just in the U.S. Conducting an online survey is so easy nowadays that it’s almost a crime not to do it and especially when you see the advantages laid out in this article.

Advantages of Online Surveys


By using online questionnaires, you don’t have to allocate resources and time to enter data into a database and you will save money on postage. All of this reduces your costs. The answers are processed automatically and you can access the results at any time.


When compared to traditional research methods, the time needed to complete an online survey is about two-thirds shorter because you don’t need to wait for the questionnaires to be sent back to you. The information is being gathered automatically and the response time is almost instant.

Quick to analyze and more accurate

The results can be viewed in real-time and are ready to be analyzed at any time. This allows you to react quickly, export data for further analysis, create graphs for reporting, and share your results. Another great thing is that the margin of error is quite reduced with online services. While traditional methods rely on their staff’s attentiveness (entering all details correctly), online surveying excludes the factor of human error.

Easy to use for both researchers and participants

Researchers benefit from online surveys with increased productivity. Online surveying saves them time as the data is available in almost real-time and can be run through statistical software for detailed analysis. On the other hand, people on the Internet prefer online over telephone surveys, because they can choose when to do them. Paid surveys online are an effective way to engage customers and hear their opinion. Financial stimulation will more likely make them take a few minutes to answer your questions.

More selective, honest and flexible

Online surveys allow you to target and reach only those participants who match your “perfect customer” profile with relevant questions that apply to them. When filling in an online questionnaire, people tend to provide longer, more detailed and honest answers than when answering a telephone survey. Also, you can change the order of the questions in your questionnaire or skip them (depending on the answer to a previous question), tailoring your survey to each participant as they proceed.

Benefits of Online Surveys

Ways to Survey Your Customers

Customer follow-up

Sending a detailed survey immediately after a sale can provide revealing information about how well your products/services suit and satisfy your customers’ needs. It will also show that you’re grateful for your relationship and that you’re dedicated to making improvements.

Market analysis

Finding out what your industry market prefers is one of the most obvious reasons for sending out a survey. You can greatly improve your future plans thanks to the valuable information you’d get by asking your target audience about the choices they make when interacting with services or products similar to yours.

Customer demographics

Creating strong relationships with customers improves brand loyalty, so it’s natural that you want to deepen your relationship with them. One way to do it is to create a survey that asks them about themselves: their lives, challenges, problems and preferences. Process and use the data for product/service development.

Tracking performance

You can keep your business operations in order by using short surveys to ask for customer feedback. Ask them about their experience with you and use that information as a guidepost to ensuring that you and your staff members are doing well.

Online surveys are a quick, cheap, reliable, and accurate way of gathering and processing the information you need in order to improve your business. It is critical to the development of any company to ask for feedback and act on it as soon as possible. The whole online surveying process is automatized and, with the right tools and software, easy to use for both the participant and the researcher.

Author Bio:

Lauren Wiseman Lauren Wiseman is an entrepreneur, marketing specialist and business writer for who is currently based in Melbourne. She thrives in helping clients grow their personal and professional brands in fast-changing and demanding market environments. Covering finance and investment topics, Lauren strongly believes in holistic approach to business.

Are you currently taking advantage of online surveys in your business?

8 Habits of Successful Millionaires

Habits of Millionaires

Everyone wants to be a millionaire but not all are lucky enough to inherit wealth or win the lottery to become one. Believe it or not, more than eighty percent of millionaires are self-made, according to the renowned millionaire researcher, Thomas J. Stanley. All these wealthy people have certain common habits that have assisted them to come all this way.

“Your habits are the reason why you’re rich or poor,” writes Tom Corley in his book Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals. This is because our daily habits both shape and dictate if we’re going to be successful or unsuccessful in life. And the good news is that habits can always be adjusted or changed.

Here are eight rich habits of successful millionaires that you can start implementing as soon as today:

1.) Get Enough Sleep:

Early to bed, early rise, actually makes a man/woman healthy, wealthy and wise. Successful people do not binge on Netflix all night. They ensure to get adequate sleep for a more productive, active and definitely more pleasant day ahead.  People who sleep well tend to have more creative minds than those who are sleep deprived, hence are more likely to succeed.

To make sure you can fall asleep at a reasonable time, get to bed earlier; make your bedroom sleep friendly and environment comfortable enough for sleeping; fix the temperature; cut out any caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes before sleeping and take your evening bath maybe an hour earlier than normal.

2.) Wake up on time

Most millionaires hit their alarm clock as early as six AM. In Corley’s study, about fifty percent of the millionaires woke up about three hours prior to when their actual work day began. Waking up early gives you the confidence of having your life under control.

It is actually a great strategy to deal with unexpected and inescapable daily disruptions such as long meetings, being stuck in traffic or having to pick up your sick child from school. These disruptions make one believe that they don’t have control over their life. But getting up early in the morning to plan/tackle our top priorities that we want to accomplish in the day, helps us direct our life.

3.) Exercise

It is as simple as this: Exercise is not just good for the body but also for the brain. And a healthier brain means a smarter you.  “Seventy-six percent of wealthy people exercise at least thirty minutes every day. The exercises may include anything cardio such as walking, running, jogging, biking or even dancing. etc.” says Corley.

Having a consistent exercise routine calls for commitment, endurance, time and energy, which are quite the same characteristics required to achieve your seven-figure financial goals.

4.) Read books 

Millionaires are readers and not the kind of reading which involves entertainment like on Facebook or Twitter but biographies of successful people, personal development, history books etc. The rich would prefer to be educated over entertained. As Corley puts it, “Millionaires spend thirty minutes or more each day to self-educate.” According to his study, about eighty-five percent of the world’s millionaires read two or more books a month. This habit automatically sets you apart from the competition as most people do not read.

5.) Have a Mentor

One common thing in almost all millionaires is that they all had someone strategically mentoring them and teaching them successful habits. In Corley’s study, ninety-three percent of self-made millionaires associate their wealth with having mentors. Finding a true mentor can actually put you on the fast track to success.

6.) Create ‘To-do lists’

Prioritizing goals and tasks and listing them down into smaller action steps is always a winner. Creating to-do lists is a well-known trait of successful and rich people as it prevents you from getting sidetracked. As stated in Corley’s study, “eighty-one percent of the millionaires, who do plan their day, maintain a daily to-do list. Less than one percent of the poor use a daily to-do list.” The key is to consistently cross off tasks at the top and add new ones at the bottom and secondly keep it at the forefront in order to stay focused. Make your to-do list and paste it somewhere you can easily see all the time. You can even put in on the background of your computer or mobile phone as there is no getting away from technology, hence your list.

7.) Have multiple streams of income

Millionaires don’t have a single source of earning. “Millionaires develop multiple streams…sixty-five percent had at least three streams of income that they created prior to making their first million dollars.” Corley writes. E.g. they would invest in a side business, buy shares in a company or save up and invest in real estate.”

8.) Network

Wealthy people do not thrive in isolation. Millionaires are social beings. They have the habit to go out and talk to people, exchanging their pool of information and resources with similar people.

“You are only as successful as those you frequently associate with,” Corley writes. Wealthy people make sure to call when a life event happens, network and participate in different kinds of interest groups to further cultivate relationships. At the same time they try to avoid negative over critical people who only derail you from achieving your goals.

Author Bio:
Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith has been a personal finance author for the last five years. She is also an independent and a very passionate finance and investment advisor. She regularly posts at


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