Essential Marketing and Small Business Strategies For Doubling Your Profits in 2018

small business marketing strategy

Once a business is developed and established there are additional steps that need to be taken in order for it to grow in the future. Businesses will succeed only if they’re able to generate enough revenue/profit annually. However, a lot of patience and strategy is required for a business to truly flourish amongst all of the competition out there today. Let’s discuss a few specific tactics small business owners can utilize below:

Adopting a Strategic Social Media Strategy

You can boost your business’s bottom line by utilizing powerful social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. Social media platforms are incredibly popular around the globe and no one can deny the admiration of them. But it’s important to consider the following points when coming up with a social media marketing strategy:

  • Select a social media platform that has the ability to best represent your services or product(s) (for some businesses the use of video may be important, so it would make sense to get into YouTube marketing and for other businesses Pinterest or Instagram may be a better choice…although many businesses benefit from using more than one social media platform)
  • Analyze what competitors are doing well and seeing major success with. Replicate the models that are working and track your results.
  • Be consistent and always publish valuable content in regards to your business. No one wants sales pitch after sales pith showing up within their social media accounts.
  • Influence your customers by posting the latest news, updates, awards, blog posts, specials, products or services of your business. Encourage sharing, interaction and engagement on every piece of content you publish.

Email Marketing For The Win

Email marketing is crucially important to any business that wants to maintain close relationships and produce life-long customers.  For many businesses, this is the single most important marketing strategy for maintaining a steady and growing revenue stream.  A few solid tips for using email marketing effectively are:

  • Maintain a list of customers according to their common preferences and separate them into certain categories (oftentimes called segmenting your list)
  • Send different emails to each group of customers depending on their interest (each segment should be treated differently).
  • Get good at producing powerful subject lines to encourage high open-rates
  • Highlight the offers in the body of the email to encourage user click-through
  • Keep the body of the email short and simple…Get to the point as if you only had 2 seconds to grab their attention.
  • Avoid spammy style emails, words, language etc. You need these emails to land in the actual inbox and not the spam folder.
  • Don’t be afraid to test different subject lines, email copy, anchor text, links to your website until you find something that converts well.

Additionally, with everyone on their smartphones nowadays, email marketing is more powerful than ever. If you’re looking for a rock solid email autoresponder to use for your business, check out this Aweber review here.

Put Consistent Effort into Content Marketing

Content that you put in front of your customers has the potential to increase your profits substantially, and especially if it’s consistently produced. However, it’s absolutely vital that the content you publish is of the highest value and quality. The idea is to get your visitors to your blog or website and influence them to go make a purchase or ask for more information.  A blog can be a great way to do this or individual pages on your website can also do the trick. As long as it’s consistent and you have proper SEO in place, you should be able to generate a healthy amount of organic traffic. There are also many options to hire a freelancer to help with writing if it isn’t your strong suit.

Your Employees Are What Keeps Your Business Going

Your business growth is dependent on your employees to a large extent. Your employees work day in and day out to help push the needle and improve the bottom line. It’s up to the business owner to offer a comfortable work environment so that their employees can be as efficient and satisfied with their jobs as possible. This leads to more productivity and more money in the business’s pocket.

Treating employees with respect, offering incentives and showing gratitude are all qualities that will help with the overall business growth.  Do not underestimate the value your employees hold.  This could mean the difference in doubling your profits in 2018 or barely getting by.

Author Bio:

Jessica Watson has three years of experience writing for blogs and websites around various topics. While she’s had her fair share writing in different niches, her main focus is typically on business, technology and finance. She is currently working with Aurion UAE who provides Fujairah free zone company setup and branch office Dubai services to their loyal clients.

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