How Many Of You Dread Monday Mornings? Please Be Honest Here!

It’s a Sunday evening at the time of writing this post and this topic for today came into my head as I was in the grocery store (I know, of all places right).

Now I do not like going to the grocery store on weekends for the simple fact that it’s always jam packed and chaotic in there.

What inspired me to write this post was seeing so many people in the grocery store almost frantically shopping, spun out in a way and rushing to get their grocery shopping done before the start of the dreaded work week.

When Sunday rolls around, for so many people it’s not a true day off…

It actually involves doing chores and getting everything ready for another 40-60 hour work week ahead.

Trust me, I know because I still work a day job myself (mainly because I really enjoy what I do).

However, I also know that NOT starting a side-hustle on your own will keep you stuck in this pattern for pretty much your entire life!

Unless you are extremely smart with your money and strive for financial independence (this is also another way out).

Sound scary?

It’s okay to be resistant to another long and stressful work week…and especially Monday mornings…


Dread Monday Mornings

Meaning, working 9-5 Monday-Friday, having very little time for yourself or your family, never having much extra money and spending all of your free time doing unproductive activities such as watching TV, surfing Facebook, scrolling through Instagram etc.

It’s time to start striving for more…It’s time to start creating extra streams of income…It’s time to start living more on your own terms.

Hear me out for a second…

What if you built up enough of a side income from hustling your butt off on weekends and any extra free time during the week, that all of a sudden you didn’t have to work 5 days a week at your day job?

Maybe you’re making enough money that you only have to work 3 days a week…

Maybe you’re making enough where you can quit your job altogether…

Let that sink in for a minute, how would this shake things up in your life?

Even just having an extra day off from work could be life-changing…

This is the mindset I want you to start developing.

The mindset of building assets and creating options for yourself.

There is nothing wrong with working a job, but in the meantime you should be building your legacy as well.

This is the only way to get out of the rat race earlier than most people do and on your own terms.

So when you get that dreaded feeling of the Monday morning blues, instead of suppressing it, start using it to your advantage and as motivation to create more opportunity in your life.

I want you to live differently than 99% of other people.

Start a blog maybe and document your journey, your successes, your failures…similar to what I do here.

People really enjoy this type of content and can learn a lot from the process of seeing someone else’s examples.

So if you absolutely hate the start of a new work week, get anxiety about waking up on Monday morning, and feel no passion for getting to your place of work, remember that you have the power to change this overtime.

Stay patient, work hard and always remain hungry.

Your possibilities are endless.

I wanna hear from you…

Do you hate when Monday morning sneaks up on you after a nice weekend?

Do you spend your extra free time building your dream or do you waste it on useless activities?

Let me know your thoughts!

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