4 YouTube Search Engine Optimization Techniques- YouTube SEO

YouTube Traffic

YouTube marketing is quite possibly one of the most underrated ways to generate high quality traffic…plain and simple.

If you are not familiar with YouTube Search Engine Optimization…no problem!

In this post, I will sum up a few of the most important YouTube SEO techniques that you can start implementing as soon as today.

Let’s dive right into it…shall we?

1.) Video Title

As obvious as this sounds, many video marketers mess this step up.

You need to have a keyword rich video Title for the search engines to pick up.

Try to incorporate your 2 most relevant keyword phrases in the title but make sure it still reads naturally for visitors.

See screenshot below:

YouTube Search Engine Optimization Techniques

“Get More YouTube Marketing Subscribers” is my first keyword.

And “YouTube Marketing Technique” is my second keyword.

Yet, I still make it flow with the visitor in mind.

2.) Video Description

The next step is to make sure you have a keyword rich video description.

Generally I like to put my main keyword FIRST in my description…See screenshot below:

YouTube SEO

Follow that by a blog post or link to your website, any social media profile links, email address etc.

It’s also important you have enough content in your video description…

I recommend 2 paragraphs, maybe around 100 words each with about 3-4 of your most important keyword phrases in place.

Do not just stuff keywords in here.

Make it natural and valuable for your viewers to read.

3.) Off-Site Monetization

Now that your on-site SEO is complete, it’s important that you share your video on different platforms.

If you have a blog or website, that should be the first place you share your video.

Also, expose it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc…

The more engagement you get on your YouTube videos, the better it is for SEO.

It doesn’t hurt to reach out to other websites/blogs in your niche and see if you can strike a deal where they’d share your video on their website.

3.) Consistency

It’s important that you consistently upload videos to your YouTube channel to show YouTube and Google that you are relevant and are producing unique content.

This also gives you a better chance to rank for various videos, rather than just one or two.

Try to get on a schedule of posting 1 video per day, per week or per month…whatever your schedule allows.

The more video “assets” you have for the world to see, the quicker you will learn what works and what doesn’t.

YouTube videos are much easier to rank than individual blog posts or web pages.

Google generally places the 2-3 most relevant videos on the first page for any given search.

Imagine if you captured some of this traffic?

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Quick Video Demonstrating the Main Points of This Article