One of The Best Ways To Save Money Quickly- Shockingly Simple Strategy

Saving Money Tips and Tricks

I’ve always been a natural saver rather than a spender, which is why I enjoy sharing tips here and there about personal finance that have helped me tremendously.

The vast majority of people for whatever reason have a hard time saving any money at all each and every month.

This is completely understandable with the relentless advertising we are exposed to on a daily basis, grocery bills, children expenses, rent/mortgage, entertainment and hundreds of other reasons.

However, I want you to consider adopting the strategy below that could open up some extra space in your life.

What Is One of The Best Ways To Save Money Quickly?

For some people this will be very difficult and could potentially take a major commitment.

And for others, this may be something you’re already doing naturally or have tried in the past, which is excellent!

Let’s go over two key elements here…

First I want you to be absolutely grateful for everything you have in your life….family, friends, health, nature, food, shelter, water, bed/blankets, etc.

Best Ways To Save Money Quickly

Be grateful for the simple things in life…Nice walking area in my town.

This immediately puts you in a state of mass abundance…but it’s important that you actually feel the gratitude instead of just saying it or writing it down.

Second, I want you to realize that material items do not make you any happier.

Basically what I’m trying to say is break your addiction to purchasing material items.

When I say material items I’m talking about things like electronics/gadgets, clothes, shoes, accessories, new cars and so much more.

Now of course you need some of these things for everyday life, but too many people over indulge in this area and have way more ‘stuff’ than is actually necessary.

Like 30 pairs of shoes, or the latest iPhone when their older version works perfectly fine, or a brand new car because they don’t want to be seen in an old beater (by the way, I own a 2004 Nissan Altima with over 130K miles on it and I love it….simply because I have zero car payments and it’s saved me so much money already that I can now invest).

The over indulgence above results in unnecessary clutter, very little savings and major financial stress.

So I’m really preaching two points here…

  • Practicing gratitude for what you already have.
  • Limiting material spending quite aggressively (buying things you only really need to survive).

Once you have more of a savings built up (and hopefully are investing any surplus money), you have the option to treat yourself every once in a while.

I’m not saying we should deprive ourselves, but we should realize that material purchases or items do not make us any happier for the most part.

This is one of the best ways to save money quickly and effectively.

Also, it’s important to note that when you start practicing gratitude consistently, you begin to shatter the illusion of constantly needing more.

You realize how fortunate you are to have what you already have and that buying more for the sake of “buying more” holds no value anymore.

You will naturally start living a more minimalist lifestyle, with less chaos, less clutter and more financial freedom.

If this sounds like something you’re willing to try for yourself, do it with full commitment.

You may just be surprised with the results you see down the road…both monetarily and mentally.

The simple life is truly the way to go and this is one of the best ways to save money quickly and almost immediately.

So let me ask, are you already living this type of lifestyle?

If not, are you willing to try?

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