How To Live A Simpler Life – More Options, Less Stress & Pure Freedom

Ways To Live A Simple Life

If you’re wondering how to live a simpler life, you are already on the right track to less stress and more flexibility.

I was inspired to write this post based on some of the feedback I got on one of my more recent blog articles here, Begin Living A Minimalist Lifestyle & ChHow To Live A Simpler Lifeange Your World.

Although this isn’t groundbreaking information (pretty common sense actually), it’s amazing how many people live well beyond their means and create a life full of tension, over consumption and heaviness.

Many people adopt this type of lifestyle because of all the advertising that is being shoved down our throats every single day…Buy me, buy me, buy me!

However, I want to give you a bit of an edge and a few tips on how to live a simpler life, which will ultimately lead to more happiness and freedom.

Let’s dive right in.

How To Live A Simpler Life- Quick Tips

1.) Practice Gratitude:

The starting point to living a simpler and more fulfilled life is to engage in the practice of gratitude.  This immediately makes you rich in body, mind and spirit.  When you start really feeling grateful for everything that you have in your life, you realize that you do not need to add much more to it.  This also leaks positively into other areas of your life and should be a daily practice. Challenge: Every morning or every night, write down three things you are grateful for in a notebook or journal.  It can literally be anything…don’t limit yourself, big or small.  But the important thing is to really feel it with your entire being while writing it down.  Take a minute to really settle into that feeling.  This creates an energy like no other and provides great healing for an uneasy mind.  You realize how much abundance in your life there actually is.

2.) Live Below Your Means:

Basically this means not biting off more than you can chew, or not buying things you can’t afford essentially. This is easier said than done for most people but can make all the difference in the world and not just financially speaking.  Not only are you saving money but you are also not adding anymore unnecessary clutter to your life.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “less is more“…Well when it comes to items, or objects or things…this is absolutely true.  Buy less, save more, get rid of clutter and create more options in your life.

3.) Get Used To NOT Comparing Yourself

One of worst things you can do when trying to live a simpler life is to compare yourself to other people.  The reason being, is that most people overindulge, are flat out broke and buy everything in sight.  However, they want you to think they have it all together with loads of money in the bank, a nice house, car etc.  Most of the time, the complete opposite is true (there’s been books written about this in the personal finance space).  Be happy you are on the path to a life with less stuff and more opportunity to do what you want and when you want to.  Comparing yourself to others is completely irrelevant to your journey and will keep you stuck where you are.  Break free and live your own life.

Now these are only three extremely basic, yet powerful tips to push you in the right direction.

Try them out for yourself and see what you think, and feel free to add any additional techniques in the comments section below.

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Now let’s create more space, more flexibility and more clarity in your life starting today.

Let me ask…

Have you tried adopting this lifestyle yet?

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