A Few Benefits of Waking Up Early In The Morning (My Personal Experience)

Waking Up Early Benefits

Once you get into the habit of waking up early on a daily basis (I’m talking 6:00 AM or earlier), you begin to understand the power behind it and especially if you have a specific project you’re working on, like a side hustle.

In this post I’ll briefly go over a few benefits of waking up early in the morning that I have personally experienced, which may also help motivate some of you to adopt this positive lifestyle change on your own.

To give you a quick background if you’re new to reading this blog, I currently work a 9-5:30 day job, and also run a handful of side projects.

My day-to-day schedule gets extremely hectic, which is why I take full advantage of my mornings.

You’d be surprised what an extra 1-3 hours each morning can do to improve your life.

If this at all sounds like something you’re interested in, I highly recommend at least trying it for an extended period of time.

Let’s take a closer look below at a few reasons why I encourage waking up early on a constant basis (mainly from my own experience)

Benefits of Waking Up Early In The Morning

1.) Most Productive Hours of The Day: 

Benefits of Waking Up Early In The Morning

The mornings for me are by far the most productive hours of the day.  It’s when I’m the most sharp, fresh and committed. It’s also when I get my most important tasks complete. As long as you have a good cup of coffee or tea (which is my preference), you can really have a incredible amount of focus in the early hours. The satisfaction you gain from accomplishing a project that early in the day can really give you some serious momentum and leak positively into other areas of your life.

2.) Great Time To Exercise:

I find the best time to exercise is right when you wake up, and preferably between 5:00-7:00 AM. Not only do you get it out of the way, but it completely sets your day up for success. Letting go of some extra stress or angst through exercise in the morning is a release like no other. Now is it a struggle to motivate myself to get my butt out of bed and workout sometimes? Heck yeah! But the benefits are so large that it becomes routine. No-one said this would be easy 🙂

3.) Quiet Time:

You begin to realize when you wake up before the sun rises, what a quiet and peaceful time of day it is. In fact, this is one of the most fulfilling benefits for me as it can be very meditative in a way. It’s kind of hard to explain unless you experience this for yourself, but it’s wonderful feeling and worth exploring. In an often busy life, sometimes all we need is a little bit more quiet time and the early morning is perfect for this.

4.) Opens Up Your Day More:

All in all, when you have that extra 1,2 maybe even 3 hours in the morning, it totally opens up your day. This leads to less rushing at the end of the day, less “cramming things in” and ultimately less stress. Think if you got your exercise out of the way or an important task completed in the morning, what else you could do with that extra time later in the day. I’m a true believer in adopting good habits and seeing compounding results over time. The idea here is to optimize your time, so you can reap the rewards down the road.

My challenge to you is to try waking up early one day out of the week to start and then progress from there.

Record your overall results in terms of productivity, mood and balance.

If you don’t see any positive benefits from waking up early in the morning, then no problem, at least you tried.

But for those of you who do, I think this could be a complete game-changer.

Have you tried this in the past or maybe are currently doing it?

If so, what were the benefits you saw?

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