Internet Marketing Business Running on Auto-Pilot While Away On Vacation!

Internet Marketing Business

Possibly the biggest benefit of running an Internet Marketing Business is the fact that if set up correctly, it can still make you money on almost 100% autopilot, without you having to do much of anything!

Now let me be clear that no business is 100% auto-pilot…

However, much of what I do online generates me passive income with very little input on my end.

For example, my solo ad business, which can pretty much be run from my smartphone, generates passive income daily with almost no effort.

Now it’s also important to note that a few of my online businesses that are very passive at this point took me a while to build to this level (the level where you can literally make money in your sleep).

In fact, it took years before I could really take a vacation and still see money rolling into my online accounts at an impressive rate.

This post is designed to get your motivation flowing and to show you what’s possible with the power of the right knowledge and the Internet.

If you want to start a side-hustle, a full-time internet business or maybe just want to generate some extra passive income, the Internet and laptop lifestyle is the way to go.

While I Was On A Mini-Vacation…

My girlfriend and I decided to go to Newport, Rhode Island for a weekend getaway, good food and nice weather.

In the past I would have brought my laptop and “worked” during these mini-vacations to keep everything running smoothly…however this year was different.

I felt no need to do any work on my end for 3 days straight to keep my businesses afloat.

In fact, I made more money that vacation weekend than I have in a long time in my businesses.

And even better, I didn’t even touch a laptop…I only had to answer a few emails from my smartphone and that was basically it.Internet Marketing Business

Another source of income for that weekend actually was 100% auto-pilot and had to do with making money with ClickBank.

So parts of my business truly are almost 100% auto-pilot which is extremely liberating and separates time from money.

Again, I want to be clear that in the beginning phases of my Internet Marketing business, it took me years of eye-straining work to start seeing momentum like this.

But this is really just to show you the true potential of what is possible.

As you can see in the picture above we stopped at a beautiful winery in Connecticut on our way back from Rhode Island.

As my girlfriend and I were just lounging around for a few hours, I checked my phone towards the end of the day and saw a handful of solo ad orders, ClickBank commissions and more subscribers added to my list.

All while drinking some delicious wine and kicking back 🙂

There is no better feeling than seeing your hard work pay off and especially when you’re not even doing anything at that particular moment to bring in the money.

Another point I want to make clear is that, when I’m not on vacation, I am an absolute work horse.

I work a full-time job doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), run various online businesses, all while trying to maintain a social life as well (although I could be better at this).

However, hard work pays off…plain and simple.

This post isn’t to say “you can do absolutely nothing and make a million dollars!”….WRONG mindset.

It’s more to expand your awareness and help you understand that there are some serious opportunities out there.

I’ll live a pretty simple life…And my strategy really isn’t rocket science.

Keep building assets, work extremely hard in the beginning and reap the rewards down the road.

Create more freedom and flexibility in life!

What do you think of having a business bring in cash flow as you focus on other things? (vacations, other projects, family, hobbies)

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