Get Things Out of Your Head and Onto Paper- Writing Down Goals

Writing Down Your Goals

Sometimes it’s the simple tips, tricks or strategies that make the biggest impact in our lives.

What I’m going to share with you today might seem incredibly basic or common, but it’s important that you do not underestimate its power.

Before I used this technique I was less organized, less motivated and had a harder time following through with anything I wanted to accomplish.

Now that I constantly make this a priority every day, week, month, year etc., my results in both my business and my personal life have improved dramatically.

Now what simple tip am I talking about here? (although you probably already know by reading the title of this post)…

Writing Down Goals!

Yes, I know obvious…

Yes, I know basic…

Yes, I know simplistic…

But you wouldn’t believe how many people do NOT actually write down their goals.

And I’m talking on a daily basis.

You see, writing down goals can be used for anything really…both short-term and long-term…small goals or large goals, it doesn’t matter.

“The simple technique of getting things out of your head and onto paper is extremely powerful and releasing at the same time…”

There’s something about seeing the goal in front of your eyes (on paper), in comparison to roaming free in your mind, that increases the likelihood of you actually completing that task or working towards it.Writing Down Goals

Now I realize I keep saying “on paper” but goals can also be typed into the “Notes” section of your smartphone or computer…placed in a Word Doc etc.

I just find it works best writing down goals in a notebook, on a sticky note or in a journal.

For example, I like to write down both short-term goals as well as long term goals.

The daily goals I need to get done are always jotted down in a journal I have which I refer to regularly.

Once I complete a given task, I simply cross it off the list (this is also a very fulfilling process).

Towards the end of the day when I see multiple tasks scribbled out, it means I had a very productive day.

Again, don’t underestimate this…It can easily compound into days, weeks, months and years,

This one habit/technique is accessible to anyone willing to try it and generates really impressive results for those who stick with it.

Long-term or larger goals should be approached just the same.

You may not look at them as frequently, but just the process of writing them down is half the battle.

In a way this has really helped me organize my direction in life and the objectives that I’d like to accomplish.

Before using this specific technique I was flying blind really, and had no clear vision or motive.

If you’re not already doing this, I’d like to challenge you to try.

You may just be surprised how good it feels to make these goals a bit more tangible by writing them down.

Track your progress as well and see if this indeed helps you in your journey.

I’m not saying this is for everyone, but it is a common trait of many of the most successful people in the world.

So there’s gotta be something going on here!

Do you currently write down your goals?

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