3 Tips To Stay Focused When You Work From Home

Working From Home

So for all you entrepreneurs or work from home employees or freelancers or anyone else who does the majority of work under their own roof, this post is for you.

I wanted to put together a quick list of tips that have helped me increase my focus, my work output and most importantly, my bottom line.

Work From Home

It’s way too easy to get distracted when working from home and you’d be surprised how a little bit of discipline can create substantial results.

Take a look at my top methods for getting the absolute most out of your day!

(Yes some of these are obvious…but just try them)

1.) Close Out of Unnecessary Tabs In Browser

This means Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (unless you’re using it for background music- see tip #3) etc…

You wouldn’t believe how much actual time is wasted surfing the web or scrolling through Facebook looking at unnecessary posts from irrelevant people.

It’s time to gain some of the power back.

Seriously though, close out of all unnecessary tabs and watch your productivity soar by at least 50%.

This simple step alone has put thousands of dollars in my pocket over time, no joke.

The only Internet tabs that should be open are the ones you need to get your work done.

It’s as easy as that.

2.) Flip Your Phone Upside Down or Put In Another Room

The average person checks their smartphone way too often throughout the day which leads to less productivity and more distraction.

I have increased my focus by at least 10 times since implementing this tip, plain and simple.

If you still find yourself checking your phone even when it’s flipped over, you might benefit more from putting it in another room entirely.

If you absolutely must check your phone throughout the day, try doing it once every hour at most.

You’d be surprised how much more work you get done day to day when you’re not glued to your “distraction device”!

3.) Listen To Stimulating Music On Headphones

I find that some of my best work comes from the inspiration of music.

As long as it is music that enhances your focus and creativity, I’m all for it.

Some examples of music that have helped me stay focused while working from home are: Classical, Ambient, Study Music, Instrumental or anything else that’s smooth and cool in the background.

I also find it’s more effective when you have a nice pair of headphones to listen to this music on rather than “ear buds” or straight out of your computer.

A quality set of headphones that covers your ears are really the way to go (but of course that’s just my opinion).

Experiment with different kinds of music and see which genres get you moving and groovin in the right direction if you know what I mean.

I realize this post was short and may seem like common sense but give some of these a shot and let me know what you think.

If you have any additional tips, please share them in the comments section below 🙂

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