Solo Ads For Sale- High Quality Solo Ad Traffic Is Very Rare!

Solo Ad Traffic

Attention!  Solo ads for sale (keep reading)…

So as a solo ad vendor, seller, supplier…whatever you wanna call me, I have seen first hand the amount of garbage traffic that is out there today.

There are hundreds of people online selling fake clicks to naive and under educated beginner buyers…claiming that their traffic is the best thing since sliced bread.

However, I want to be the first to warn you that 75% of traffic out there is complete trash, scum and BOGUS!

How am I qualified to say this?

Well, as one of the top and most reputable solo ad vendors in the industry, I buy thousands of clicks per week myself and have literally seen it all.

But I have good news for you…

There is a small percentage of very exceptional solo ad sellers that have your best interest in mind.

Solo Ads For SaleQuality solo ad sellers (like myself) who help you produce insanely profitable traffic runs that result in leads, subscribers, sales and cash in your pocket.

Now it’s not often that I sell my services in a blog post like this (I have a static page for that), however, if you’re reading this article then there’s a good chance you’re looking for quality traffic and do not want to search for hours to find it.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Anyone who reads this post and contacts me directly either by messaging me on Facebook or sending me an email at, will get a first-time buyers discount for trying out my services (please use this email address for solo ad related business rather than my blog email address you find on this site).

If you need proof that I am one of the top dogs when it comes to solo ads, please visit my website here and check out my testimonials: Evan Solo Ads

Now that we got my little solo ad sale out of the way (selling is a part of marketing by the way), let’s take a look at why you should utilize this traffic generation strategy in your marketing going forward.

Why You Should Use Solo Ads in Your Marketing?

1.) Fast Traffic: Solo ads by far are one of the quickest traffic sources out there today, hands down. All you have to do is literally find the right solo ad vendor, pass them your link, possibly an email swipe or two and the rest is up to them.  You can just sit back, relax and watch the traffic roll in. The speed of delivery is usually fairly quick, however it’s important that you look for quality before looking for speed.

2.) Testing Offers: Solo ads are one of the best sources of traffic to test new products, squeeze pages, landing pages etc, simply because (as stated above) you can pretty much “turn on” the traffic whenever you want.  In comparison to say SEO, which takes a longer term approach.  Solo ads are immediate.  This makes it an excellent and quick way to get some data on the offers you are promoting, price points, designs and so on.

3.) Scalability/Profitability: Scaling with solo ads is easy. Most solo ad sellers sell anywhere from 100-3000 click packages.  If you are more than satisfied with your results after 100 clicks, simply scale up to what you’re comfortable with. In fact, that’s exactly what I do when buying from a new solo ad provider…start small and scale up if things look good.

4.) Quality: For such a “dummy proof” way to generate traffic, you would think the traffic quality would suffer…However, if you buy from the right solo ad provider you will be pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness and purchasing power of the leads coming into your link.  Especially since the traffic you buy will be highly targeted to the types of offers you are promoting.

So there you have it…

A mini solo ad sale, but more importantly a message to encourage you, not discourage you, to at least test out solo ads for yourself.

I myself have added tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands at this point) to my list strictly using solo ads….Now of course I’ve built other lists using different traffic generation methods, after all I am an Internet Marketer, but for the sake of this post I wanted to talk about solo ads.

I’d like to hear from you if you’re confused or have any other questions regarding solo ads, where to find them, how to get started….

Have you tried solo ads before?

If so, what has been your experience with them so far?

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