Solo Ad Revenue Update – Why Testing Is Essential In Marketing

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Today’s post I wanted to emphasize the power of testing different strategies when it comes to your online business.

You’d be surprised how little tweaks can create very positive results when it comes to your metrics.

I want to talk specifically about the month of March and April in terms of some of my solo ad results.

This is basically to highlight why you should never stay comfortable using your current business model….even if things seem like they’re going better than ever.

Always, always, always be testing new things.

March Solo Ad Testing

So in March I decided to add an additional marketing channel to my solo ad business (I won’t say which one, due to competition reasons) that brought in an extra $1,000 in revenue for the month.

Now although March wasn’t my highest month in terms of revenue, it was a breakthrough in a sense that I created an additional pathway to drive additional income to my solo ad business.

This all came from testing a particular traffic generation strategy that brought in high quality leads, which most eventually turned into sales.

There is no way of knowing if something works, unless you test it.

The problem I see with many other solo ad vendors is when things get slow (which happens from time to time in all businesses), they are paralyzed and scared to branch out into other marketing methods.

In fact, I look at a slow period as a perfect time to get out of my comfort zone and and test different tactics to create more momentum.

Adaptability is key in business and in life, so do NOT be afraid to test and morph into other areas of your business.

But let me give you another example…

ClickBank Testing In April

Now much of my ClickBank income comes from a specific segment of my solo ad business.

I have created a really powerful way to utilize “extra” and “lower tier 1 country” clicks when I deliver traffic to my clients.

These clicks get directed to a handful of ClickBank offers that are related to the home based business and make money online niche.

Now again, I tested something different in April which will now bring in an additional $800 per month in ClickBank profit!Best Solo Ads

This test was simply swapping a few ClickBank offers around and testing different products in my top 3 “extra click” slots.

More importantly I switched the top 3 products to recurring monthly offers.

This way I get paid every month for each sale I make for these particular ClickBank affiliate products.

Now that this is working well I will keep this model for a couple of months, while testing a few other small things on the side.

My whole point here is to make clear that if you don’t test, you are going to become stagnant and eventually struggle with your business.

You must be able to evolve, take educated risks, track your progress, learn from your mistakes and keep pushing forward.

Does all of this make sense?  Let me know in the comments section below!

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