A $778 Morning Thanks To Solo Ads- Income Breakdown

Solo Ad Income

I woke up the other morning (October 19, 2017) to a total of $778 from 4 different solo ad orders.

Now let me be clear that this post isn’t to brag or boast…it’s strictly to demonstrate the possibilities you have with running an online business and to inspire some of you to take serious action.

Let me also be transparent and explain that the $778 I made that morning was not all profit (remember it takes some re-investing to produce solo ad traffic)…However, a good chunk of it was indeed profit.

I also want to re-enforce that it took me around 2 years to build up to producing these types of numbers in one single morning.

These results don’t come overnight, but more overtime, with a lot of hard work, dedication and patience.

It’s important we set realistic expectations for any aspiring solo ad sellers out there.

Now Let’s Break This Down To Give You A Better Idea of How I Made This Kind of Money Just From 4 Solo Ad Sales!

It’s really quite a unique feeling waking up to that kind of money in the morning when it takes some people all week to make this (nothing wrong with that, but keep an open mind to what’s possible).

Like I said, this was the result of 4 separate solo ad orders from 4 separate buyers.

Let’s break it down by each sale so you can understand where the $778 number came from:

  • 100 click order (100% Tier 1 Countries) for $99
  • 1,000 click order (80% Tier 1 Countries) for $490
  • 200 click order (repeat buyer discount- 80% Tier 1) for $90
  • 100 click order (100% Tier 1 Countries) for $99
Total Solo Ad Revenue: $778

Now it’s important to realize that these sales came in because of the reputation I’ve built up for myself in the solo ad space for the past few years….it also came in passively.Solo Ad Training

Solo ad income is not easy to produce by any means and there’s a lot of competition, but success in this industry comes from delivering consistent results, repeat buyers and new customer acquisition.

Strategically, I have connected my marketing efforts and have different techniques that allow me to retain existing customers and generate new business as well.

I think the main point I’m trying to make in this article by highlighting these numbers, is that there is no “ceiling” when it comes to running a business.

Meaning, sky is the limit in terms of how much you can make in a single day, week, month or year.

With a job, you are generally always capped (unless you make commission/bonuses) to how much you can make.

Why not try to start a side hustle that produces some extra cash?

Even if it’s just enough to cover groceries, gas for your car, a night out with your significant other, whatever…it could potentially turn into more than that and shake up your life in a great way.

Immediately after I have a big day in terms of income, I challenge myself and say “okay, now what steps do I need to take to get to a $1,500 day, a $3,000 day, a $10,000 day”…

This is the type of mindset it takes to keep progressing in your business and especially in the world of Internet Marketing.

If you’re not constantly improving, then you’re really shooting yourself in the foot.

I’ll be the first person to tell you, that with any business you start, adversity is sure to come your way.

But it is also what propels you to success.

The best thing you can do right now if get your feet wet and try stuff!

Do these types of posts help?

Do you like seeing the numbers laid out like this?

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