Your Blog Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect- How To Start a Great Blog?

How To Start A Successful Blog

It’s so important to realize that your blog does not have to be perfect.

Too many people are paralyzed by the fact that they think everything has to be “just right”.

Unfortunately this results in most aspiring bloggers/writers to never even get started.

The great thing about a blog is that it’s supposed to be flexible, transparent and NOT perfect!How To Start A Great Blog

You will see with my blog here that it’s nothing fancy, or elaborate, or professionally written.

But more importantly it’s a platform that helps get my message out to interested readers.

The objective behind this post is to tackle one of the most common obstacles I see in blogging and that’s getting your blog started.

Keeping in mind that a blog is somewhat an extension of yourself and should contain different layers.

You are free to write what you want, when you want to and how you want to.

Strive for providing value and not perfection.

So here is an easy tip if you’re wondering how to start a great blog…without trying to be perfect

Keep is SIMPLE!

Focus on getting your thoughts published rather than having the perfect format or the best images or the most creative headline…

As stated above, (especially if you haven’t started your blog yet) the main goal is to jump over the big hurdle I see and that’s to just get your blog started and in the works.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t even begin the blogging process based on artificial fears and barriers that build up over time.

It’s vital that you adopt the right mindset in order to break free from the shackles that fear and procrastination hold over you.

As the Nike slogan goes, just do it!

However, back to my main point, do yourself a major favor and keep your blogging strategy and design dead simple.

This means picking a WordPress theme that’s attractive yet clean & easily navigatable for visitors, sticking to a set content generation schedule, being aware that blogging is a long-term approach, and learning some really basic SEO techniques.

This is a simple yet effective approach if you’re wondering how to start a great blog.

Another quick tip is to make sure your content is helping people find answers to their questions or solutions to their problems in your given niche.

And this comes down to creating immense value.

Is every blog post going to be a home run? Of course not…

But as long as you have a strong urge to help others by sharing valuable insight, tips or tricks…you are ahead of 99% of the competition.

So to sum things up, keep it simple when it comes to creating a blog, provide valuable content and overcome the biggest hurdle and just get started.

Have you started your blog yet?

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