How To Blog For Money – Blogging Update & Case Study

How To Start A Blog For Money

If you’re wondering how to blog for money, you’re not alone.

In fact, this is one of the most frequent questions I get from people.

Blogging is an intriguing business model for many aspiring Internet Marketers because of the freedom it can potentially provide.

Before you even consider starting a blog, it’s important that you have the right mindset and not be too focused on just making money (read this here for more information).

It’s also important to realize that this is not an overnight process and it takes time to build up a blog that gets recognized in the search engines, on social media and by other bloggers.

However, the payoff from sacrificing time and energy now, can pay off big down the road (and not just from an income perspective).

There’s a certain pride that comes from being a blogger and the vulnerability you open yourself up to.

When readers reach out to you with positive messages, it only gives you more motivation to keep pushing.

Additionally, seeing your blog grow organically is a feeling like no other.

If you’re the type that wants to jump right in and get started today, then please read my step by step guide on starting a blog here.

The link above includes everything you need to get your blog up and running as soon as today (no matter what experience level you are at).

For the purpose of this post, I wanted to show you a specific example of how I make money from my blog (note: this is just one example…there are many strategies for monetizing your blog).

How To Blog For Money- Blogging Update (Real Life Example)

So if you’ve been reading my blog here for any amount of time now, you know that this is a personal case study to show people what is possible with blogging and online marketing.

To give you a background, I started this blog around 1 year and 2 months ago (however, it’s important to note that I am an experienced marketer and have close to 8 years experience).

And to be honest, I am just starting to gain some traction in the search engines which in return is bringing in organic traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

I would say the last 3 months have shown noticeable improvement in all areas of my blog including search rankings, traffic, conversions, engagement etc. and I know that this will only continue to grow as long as I remain consistent.

Remember, blogging is a long-term approach…if you’re in this for the the short-term, you WILL fail.

Now let’s keep this moving forward…

I want to give you a real life example of a sale I received yesterday.

This is a very simple technique and feel free to use it for yourself once your blog starts generating some consistent traffic.

If you look up at the “Navigation” of my website, you will see there is a page called “Recommended Tools”…click on it to take a look and then come back to this page here (screenshot also below).

How To Blog For Money

You will see I have some of my top recommended marketing tools listed in a simple and clean layout.

Is it the most exciting page? Definitely not.

But it gets the job done and eliminates any fluff.

Each one of the tools I list out contains my affiliate link, meaning that I will get paid a commission every time someone clicks one of those links and purchases any tools…in my case here I’m recommending website hosting, an email autoresponder and click/link tracking.

To make a long story short, I woke up yesterday to a $65 sale from Bluehost web hosting…all because I had this page set up.

Someone was reading my content, liked what they saw and decided they wanted to start a website and sign up for hosting.

It really is a simple as that…not much more discussion needed.

Now this blog is still gaining traction as I said above…can you imagine the possibilities when this starts receiving thousands of visitors per month?

Internet Marketing is extremely powerful if you have the right skill set.

And I hope to provide you with any golden nuggets I can that I’ve personally seen success with.

I want to be as transparent as possible so you too can see results and earn an extra income online.

If you liked this post, I would love to hear your feedback and I hope these types of marketing tips are helpful to you.

Let me ask you, have you started a blog yet?

If not, what are you waiting for?

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