Do Not Quit Your Job- Stay Put For Now!

Don't Quit Your Job


Some of you may not like to hear this, but if you are an aspiring entrepreneur and still do not have a consistent income coming in from your business…Do Not Quit Your Job!

Yes that’s right, stay put at your current job as it is providing you with the necessary income you need to invest in your business.Entrepreneur Tips

Even though I make a full-time income with my online businesses, I still choose to work a day job…Why?

1.) I really enjoy my current line of work as an SEO specialist.

2.) It gives me extra money to invest in my business ventures.

3.) It allows me to invest more towards my retirement.

4.) It provides me with great benefits.

5.) It gives me options and flexibility, allowing me to take more educated risks.

Even though freedom is a major goal for many entrepreneurs, it’s important that you do not quit your job too prematurely.

Jobs Can Open Up Many Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Similar to some of the points I noted above, the right job can provide you with the skills you need to start up a business, or supplement your current business you are working on.

For example, the SEO (search engine optimization) skills I have learned at my current place of work will be a great resource I can utilize in my entrepreneurial endeavors going forward.

Believe it or not (even if you hate your job), every position teaches you valuable skills and lessons that you can use to improve your business.

Whether that’s sales skills, people skills, technical skills, management skills…you name it, you can use it to better your business.

Which gives you a much better chance of succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Use Your Job As Leverage For The Time Being

It’s important that you shift your mindset and not look at a job as something that is holding you back.

Think of this as a temporary phase in your life and use your job as leverage for your business.

This will allow you to sock away more money for emergencies, invest more in your business and invest more in your retirements accounts etc.

When you adopt this mindset for the time being, it can be really powerful.

Now I want to make clear that of course when you are making enough consistent money from you side projects/businesses/investments you have the option to quit your job and break free.

All I’m saying is, do not rush this process as you want to make sure you are as prepared as possible before you make the self-employment leap.

Looking back, you will be happy you saved more money and can now focus more of your attention on your business.

This may be more of a conservative approach for some, but I think it is a smart strategy rather than having nothing to fall back on and especially if your business is struggling.

Be methodical and make the decision that makes sense for you.

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