How To Make Money From Blogging? Blogging Case Study- January 2017

Setting Up A Successful Blog
Blogging Case Study (Update #1)

So part of the reason I started this website was to show people how to make money from blogging in the most sustainable and efficient way.

I am continually building this blog as a personal case study to demonstrate how possible it is to make an extra income from home with a simple WordPress blog.

However, please note that it will take time before I generate a consistent income from my efforts.

The reason being is that building an authority blog takes a little while to get noticed (in Google, Social Media etc.) and is most certainly NOT an overnight process.

The cool thing is, only after around 3 months or so of taking this seriously I am already starting to see positive results (not money wise) but progression in terms of search rankings which will eventually bring this site some serious organic traffic.

I have much experience in SEO and know that patience is a virtue when it comes to generating organic traffic from the search engines.

With that being said, I am looking forward to providing you with monthly updates on my progress in terms of organic traffic, search rankings, email subscribers, revenue, profit etc.

Search Rankings (January 2017)

Although I won’t be showing you the exact keywords I am targeting, I will still provide some insight on how my site is ranking in the search engines.

I’m actually quite happy with the progress I’ve made already chipping awayHow To Make Money From Blogging at certain keywords in the big Google.

Remember this is pretty much a brand new blog and if you’re just starting out be patient when it comes to your SEO work.  It takes time to climb the Google ladder.

Take a look at my most recent screenshot of my search rankings (remember keywords are hidden for obvious reasons).

I am currently working on creating more content in combination with some extensive link building work to improve upon these rankings each and every month.

Organic Traffic (January 2017)

So if you’re currently reading this post, again since it is such a new blog I am not receiving all that much traffic as of yet.

But I’m optimistic with the SEO strategies I have planned going forward, that I will build upon this every few months (and eventually explode this number).

Organic traffic for January 2017 came in at 55 visits.

Blogging Case Study

I realize that this is an incredibly small number, but stick with me as I know what I’m doing.

You will really enjoy the updates in the coming months (and even years) to see how far this blog has come.

Blog Income (January Earnings)

Believe it or not, I actually made $110 in January from my blog 🙂

It was actually from two different sales…$55 each for two 100 click solo ad packages.

If you didn’t already know, I run a solo ad business as another source of income.

Not too shabby for such a new blog.

Like I said, please stick with me so you can see the momentum this website gains, which will encourage you to start your own money making blog as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are following my progress, please leave me a comment below.

I’d love to have your support and help you in YOUR journey along the way as well.

Stay tuned for my next update.

To the top!