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Email Marketing Review

Aweber Review: The Best Email Autoresponder on the market!

Now although I do not do reviews all that often, this post has been long overdue.

There’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Aweber, but I am going to review it here anyways as I’ve been using the service for around 7 years now…and am a very happy customer.

If you’re not familiar with Aweber autoresponder and are looking to get into email marketing please check out their services here.

Let me make a point here.

Any and every online business needs some sort of email marketing strategy if they want to maximize their profits and create a loyal customer base.

There are many articles out there saying that email marketing is dying and I couldn’t disagree more, in fact, I think it’s only gaining more momentum.

Most people check their email multiple times per day, and with the right email marketing strategy they could be opening your emails and clicking on your links.

However, you need the right autoresponder service to make sure your message makes it to their inbox.

Now let’s go over why I’ve been with Aweber for 7 years and why you really shouldn’t look anywhere else when it comes to email marketing.

It’s important to note that I do use a few other autoresponders for other parts of my business, but after testing dozens of email blast services, Aweber stands above them all.

Reasons Why Aweber Is Superior Than Most- Aweber Review (Personal Experience)

1.) Deliverability: By far one of the most important aspects for anyone who uses email marketing is delivery rate. Basically meaning, how often your emails actually hit the rather than going into spam.  What good is email marketing if all of your messages are hitting spam? Of course, you need to keep your swipes clean and valuable in order to reach the inbox of your customers, but that’s a whole different story and blog post altogether.  I’ve tested the delivery rates specifically with many different autoresponders, tracked all the analytics in an excel spreadsheet, and Aweber outperformed every single other platform.  The majority of my emails reached the end-customer which results in higher open rates, higher-click through rates and more profits from my email campaigns.

Aweber Review

2.) User Experience/Simplicity: If you’re looking for an email marketing system where you can get rocking and rolling in 30 minutes or less, Aweber is one of your best options. The layout and style of their website ensures simplicity when setting up different email campaigns and is a real breeze when scheduling broadcasts, creating a follow-up series etc.  They have really done an excellent job making email marketing (which can be confusing to many) dead simple.  See for yourself when your’e in the members area.

3.) Price: Of course, an extremely vital point of conversation when it comes to any online marketing tools is price point.  Aweber does an astounding job of keeping the price extremely fair and competitive and even offers a free 30 day trial!  The price is based off of your list size, so obviously the bigger your list, the more you will pay.  But it’s important to keep in mind that the bigger your list, the more money you should be making from that list (so it all evens out). Price has never been an issue for me with Aweber and they have always kept it consistent and made it extremely affordable.

4.) Reliability: I have yet to have any serious issues with Aweber in the 7 years i’ve used their service and that’s saying a lot.  Naturally there’s been some small hiccups here and there, but that’s to be expected and especially with online technology. The support team is also extremely responsive and helpful to any concerns or problems you are having. A big reason why Aweber separates itslef from much of the competition is because you never feel like you’re alone in building your online business, the support is felt and well received.

Hopefully, if you’re on the fence this post helped clear things up a bit for you.

There’s a reason why many big time marketers use Aweber, and that’s because of all the reason I listed above and more.

Now if you’re just getting started online I think this is the perfect platform to use….If you’re more experienced I still think this is the perfect platform to use.

To get more details and check out the Aweber website, please visit this link here!

Also, if you’d rather watch my Aweber review video, please see below:

Aweber Review- Autoresponder & Email Marketing Review

Best Autoresponder & Marketing Tools- Best Email Marketing Service?

Best Autoresponder

There are many great email autoresponders out on the market today (I use a few different ones actually).  But there is only one I can categorize as the best autoresponder.

If you’re looking for a complete package of marketing tools, business opportunity and a great email marketing service, then you should look no further than Lead System Network (LSN).

It’s important that you sign up at either the Customer or Pro level for full access to the marketing tools.

This is a game changer if you run any type of business because LSN provides you with the tools you need to reach out to your customer base and expand your reach.

Here are just a few of the tools that you will get with the LSN Tool Suite.

The Pro And Customer memberships are granted full ownership and access to an email autoresponder, capture page creator, blogging platform, text autoresponder, email blast service, webinars, Google hangouts, stats & analytics and much much more.

I have been a member since this company came out and their quality of tools and customer support is phenomenal.

It has helped me grow one of my particular internet businesses each and every month thanks to the sheer simplicity of their marketing tool suite.

If you’re looking for the best autoresponder and a bad ass tool suite to go behind that, look no further than Lead System Network (LSN).

Check out my YouTube video review below or you can sign up here!