Why Do I Love Both Buying Solo Ads & Selling Them Too?

Selling Solo Ads

If you’re unfamiliar with the the term solo ads, it basically means leveraging someone else’s email list in order to send traffic to your squeeze page, website, sales page or whatever it is you are promoting.

You purchase by the ‘click’ and although sales aren’t guaranteed (and shouldn’t be), the amount of clicks you purchase are indeed guaranteed (assuming you’re buying from the right solo ad provider).Buying Solo Ads

In my case I leverage my own email list as well as other reputable sellers, since I both buy and sell solo ad traffic…and lots of it.

There’s a few reasons why I love selling and buying solo ad traffic so much…

Let’s highlight a few of them below:

Benefits of Selling Solo Ads

1.) Additional Stream of Income: Solo ads have provided me a very consistent, predictable and sustainable stream of income online. For many, this could be life-changing whether it’s an extra $500 per month or $20,000 per month. Yes those numbers are possible when selling and buying solo ads. This has given me much more flexibility in my life.

2.) Passive Income: Much of what I make from my solo ad business is passive income.  Once you have your funnel set up correctly and ready to go, really all you have to do is send traffic to it.  What I also do is schedule out my email broadcasts weeks in advance, so I have to do as little manual work as possible.  Much of my solo ad business is run on auto-pilot.  However, it’s important to note that I do tons of testing, tweaking and experimenting which takes work.  It’s always a grind to try and get better results for myself and my clients.  And another point to make mention of is that I worked my butt off in the beginning to create a system that would one day be mostly passive.  I don’t want to spread the message here of “selling solo ads is so darn easy and 100% passive”…There will be work involved and especially in the beginning.

3.) Work From Anywhere: The wonderful thing about any internet business really is that you can most likely work from anywhere on this planet.  For me, I can do much of my solo ad selling from my smartphone (although I prefer my laptop), as long as it’s not creating new pages, tweaking my sales funnel or any other development work. But making sales, setting up solo ad orders and delivering traffic for my clients can all be done from my smartphone. This provides a world of freedom I didn’t know was possible until I got into this industry…just another example of why solo ads are awesome.

3.) Scalability and Referral Business: Once you establish yourself as a leader in the solo ad industry you start to get a lot of orders from people who have tried your traffic and referred their friends or tribe to try it as well.  Then if those people get good results, they tell more people.  It’s like a chain reaction. This makes scaling and growing your business incredibly possible and it really happens organically, whether you’re ready for it or not.  You get to a point where you do not have to really look for clients anymore if you don’t want to, as you are constantly getting referral customers ordering your services.  Can you say lucrative?

There’s about a thousand more benefits to selling solo ads but those are the main ones that came to mind while writing this blog post…Now let’s take a look at the benefits of buying solo ads below.

Benefits of Buying Solo Ads

1.) Ease of Use: One of the best benefits of buying solo ads is the sheer simplicity of it.  Literally all you have to do is:

  • Find the right solo ad vendor
  • Purchase the traffic package you want
  • Send them your link (and an email swipe if necessary)
  • Sit back, relax and watch the traffic roll in

This is important especially for people just starting out in Internet Marketing.  They are already overwhelmed by everything else on their plate, so solo ads are like a breath of fresh air when they see how easy they are. Which brings me to my next point.

2.) Speed: The speed in which your traffic comes in is very consistent and for the most part fast. This allows you to make conclusions quickly, change your approach or scale up if necessary. You won’t have to wait weeks or months to see traffic coming into your offer like you would with maybe free traffic methods when just starting out.  This is pretty much instant traffic, delivered to your offer (depending on if the solo ad seller has a queue time or not).

3.) Price: Solo ad prices are generally very reasonable and sometimes even negotiable with the seller (like me). This gives you the room to test different pages, buy lots of traffic and scale up your efforts very quickly.  If your funnel is converting well, you can ultimately build your email list for free and profit each run in many cases (which makes the price irrelevant when you get to this level).

Now there are also many more benefits to buying solo ads than I laid out above, but those are the core reasons that stand out to me.  Hopefully this gives you more confidence to go out and try this traffic source for yourself. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. You can also take a look at my solo ad website here, and contact me with any additional questions.

Have you had any experience with solo ads?

Have you bought or maybe even sold them?

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