Get Off The Sidelines and Into The Game- Action Produces Results

Action Produces Results

The biggest lessons I’ve learned in running an online business and Internet Marketing in general, have NOT come from watching from the sidelines…

But more from jumping head first into the game.

This means getting uncomfortable, making mistakes, taking educated risks and soaking up every bit of knowledge in the process.

A common theme I see is people sitting back, waiting for the perfect training/system, dabbling a bit here and dabbling a bit there, and never fully committing to one single strategy.

When I started my solo ad business, I dove in head first.Get In The Game

It was the only thing on my mind…like I had tunnel vision or something.

The solo ad training I was using was very detailed and in depth (especially when one is just starting out) that I could’ve easily just observed the tutorials and not take any action.

However, I recognized this is what the vast majority of people do, which is why most don’t find any sort of success.

As I saw other aspiring solo ad vendors in our training community quit, I knew I was on the right track by sticking with it.

After a few months of building my foundation, I was fully in the game.

This is also when I saw about 75% of the people that started around the same time as me, just simply drop out.

I couldn’t believe the lack of patience and motivation people had when it came to starting an online business.

I also couldn’t believe how many people went through the entire training without even taking one step of action.

I’ll admit for myself, that there were times of confusion, struggle and failure but not once did I throw in the towel.

In fact, many of these experiences served me very well and taught me valuable lessons.

I guess what I’m trying to sum up here is that you won’t get anywhere if you aren’t willing to take some risk, put in the work and stay the course.

You do not want to be one of the “observers” from the sidelines watching others play the game you should be playing (and succeeding).

Possibly this mindset of mine comes from years of playing competitive sports (I used to hate coming out of games to get a rest).

I was generally always in the game, in the action and completely engaged.

This is how I want you to be when it comes to starting a side hustle, online business or whatever it is you’re doing in your life.

You can’t find success if you aren’t willing to take action and play the game.

So be honest here…

Do you tend to watch from the sidelines?

Or are you fully in the game?

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